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4 Steps To Creating Your Own Free Advertising System

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Do you have a marketing system in place yet? If not, you can copy my own formula for free advertising and profits.

1. Offer something free and require an opt-in

2. After signup, re-direct the subscriber to a special offer page offering an OTO (one-time offer) that is only offered at this point. Or just re-direct to a sales page related to the free content you’re giving away in step 1.

3. If re-directing to an OTO, then provide a link to the freebie download page at the bottom of the offer for those who want to pass and get immediate access to the freebie. If only sending to a sales page. Then the subscriber will get access to the freebie info in their inbox.

4. On the freebie page, include 2-3 ads for affiliate products or for your own. Why not include some BONUS branded reports (with an affiliate link or two) that have free giveaway rights and earn viral cash on auto-pilot as other may want to pass on the book.

Using this system, you are leveraging the power of FREE to generate a no-cost advertising system but in a passive way. No hard-selling required. This will increase your sales conversions which means more profits.

You can demo this system using the sales page (instead of the OTO method) by going to http://www.listprofitsformula.com

Pay attention to the process, the info, the squeeze page, the offer on the squeeze page, the re-direct, the email, etc. There’s not better way to learn this than by experiencing it.

Plus, when you demo the system, you’ll be getting your very own system!

Start setting up your own free advertising list and profits system and you’ll soon see your online business and profits grow faster than you thought possible.

It’s all about following a system and sticking to it for best results.

Hope this helps.


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