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5 Surefire Ways To Get More Opt-ins

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An average conversion rate for an opt-in page is 25-30%.   However, your goal should be to convert 50% or more of the visitors landing on your page.  If you’re not happy with your current conversion rate, there are several things you can do to improve your numbers.

1. Test a new headline.  This is the most important element of the page as it’s the first thing your visitor will see and is the primary factor in determining whether or not your visitor feels like you understand their needs and can offer a real solution.

2. Don’t ask for the Name.  Tests have shown that only asking for the email address on your opt-in form boosts conversions.  If you’re asking for both name and email, remove the name field and check your conversion rates.

3. Design.  Create a different style of landing page and do a split test, dividing 50% of the traffic to one version and 50% to the other.  Check your stats to see which one is performing better.   Begin sending 100% of the traffic to the winner, unless you want to create a new split test and continue to improve.

*This same testing method applies to any change you make, including a simple headline change.

4. Select a different source of traffic.  If conversions are low, it could point to the quality and responsiveness of the traffic.  A recent case study using Solo Ads showed a 25% conversion rate from one source and only 1 affiliate sale after the opt-in.  Yet, a second Solo Ad to a higher quality source produced a 50% conversion and 7 sales.

5. Remove the opt-in form.  That’s not a typo.  In fact, this method alone may produce the highest boost in conversions among the 5.  It’s referred to as a “2-step opt-in lead page“.

The key is to remove the form (from view) so it’s not seen from your visitor until they take an action.  Why would you do this?

When your prospects come to an “old school” opt-in page (like most use) with an obvious opt-in form that screams “give me your email”, the virtual guard goes up.

If you only show them the form, after they take an action, you’re doing two things:

  • You’re creating a higher-quality, action-oriented subscriber.
  • Additionally, this updated strategy works by removing your prospects defense system as soon as they land on your page.

Smart consumers are becoming immune to the old method, just like we all became immune to those animated, flash banners over time. Now, “text image” banners are the preferred format because of the much higher click-through rates they generate.

Here’s how it works…

Your prospect lands on a page offering content that only has an “Access” or “Download” button.  Remember, the lack of an opt-in form means the visitor’s defenses are down and more open to take an action.

Additionally (as referenced in #2) once the opt-in form is shown, you’re only asking for the email address (not name AND email).

Here’s a Before screenshot of a landing page using this advanced strategy:


Here’s an After screenshot after the visitor clicks on the action button:


Like “text banners”, these 2-step advanced opt-in ‘lightbox’ pages are proving to be the new and improved method for capturing targeted subscribers.

In fact, extensive testing shows conversion rates are increased by 30% on average just by making this tweak to an existing opt-in page.

Now that you know the “why” you should be using this strategy, here’s the “how” and it only takes 5 minutes to convert your existing pages to this more powerful version.

Use any of these methods, or a combination of, to start boosting your conversion rates. Any of these suggestions can be implemented in minutes and start producing positive results as early as today!


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