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7 Tips To Grow Your Affiliate Income

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7 Tips To Grow Your Affiliate Income
By Susanne Myers

Try the Product

Before you start to promote something as an affiliate, go the extra mile and try the product. You can either ask the owner for a review copy, or just buy it and try it out. Then write an honest review of the product including the good as well as the bad. Your articles, emails and messages will be more convincing if you actually have some personal experience with the product you’re selling.


Don’t focus on promoting just one product. Keep a constant eye on what else is available in your market and try those products out as well. If they are quality items that your readers might be interested in go ahead and promote them as well. People will often buy several similar items if they are interested in a topic or are trying to find a solution for a problem.

Get Better at SEO

Sharpen your SEO skills to get more traffic to your affiliate site. It’s the least expensive form of traffic to your site. Start with the basics of making sure you pick good keywords, and then use those in the title and content of your post. Don’t forget to work on getting more links to point to your pages as well. Spend some time each month to learn some new skills in this area and apply what you are learning.

Follow Up

Let’s face it, not every visitor that comes to your website is ready to buy. Set up an autoresponder to capture their name and email address and follow up regularly. Provide them with good, useful content and build a relationship with your list. Continue to offer affiliate products throughout and if you do your job well, they will buy and do so frequently.

Find Recurring Products

What if I told you there was a way you could make a sale once and then get paid for it month after month. That’s exactly what you can do with affiliate products that offer recurring commissions. Check out things like hosting and membership websites for these types of affiliate paychecks.

Check out the Backend

No, I’m not trying to be funny here. Marketers that know what they are doing have quite a few backend products in place. With a good affiliate offer, you not only make a commission on the first sale, but everything else the marketer upsells your visitor on down the road as well.


Don’t be afraid to test out other offers. Always be on the lookout for other products in your market that pay decent commissions. You never know when you’ll come across one that pays a better commission or converts better than what you are currently marketing to your list.

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