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Adwords Adense Arbitrage Voodoo?

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It’s evident that you have an interest in driving traffic and monetizing that traffic using Adwords, so I’ve put together an exclusive deal just for my subscribers. ;-0

2 things ..

First, and call it good timing, but a buddy of mine (who is as honest as the day is long), just contacted me about his brand new course on Adwords Arbitrage that is chock full of step by step instruction.. updated for 2007!

Yes, I’ve personally reviewed the 71 page course. And I was extremely impressed.  George really knows his stuff!

Using plenty of screen shots and step by step instruction that anyone can understand, George shows you . . .

  • How To Drive Tons of Targeted Traffic To Your Website For As Little As $0.01 Per Click…
  • How To Instantly Resell This Traffic for Up to $1.00 or More…
  • How to Do The Above While You Spy On Your Competitors, Receive Fat Affiliate Commission Paychecks, And Build Your List…


What if I told you that George is going to give you proven and professional landing page templates so you can get up and running as quickly as possible? 

Still interested?

What if I told you that George has the absolute BEST guarantee in the industry on this course?


“Either You Make $400 in 7 Days or ‘Adsense Arbitrage Voodoo’ Costs You Nothing!” 

Of course, you’re expected to actually give it your best effort.. aka, follow his exact step by step instructions and put them into action.  That’s only fair.  But if you give it an honest ‘shake’ and you don’t pull in 400 buckeroos, then tell George and he’lltake care of you.  It’s that simple.


But that’s not the best part..

Call me Emeril, but I’m taking it up a notch. “Bam!”

In light of what happened, George cheerfully agreed to give you an exclusive discount for being a friend and subscriber on mine :-)

How about another notch?!

I’m going to hand out a *Bonus* course to everyone who grabs George’s course right away while the discount is available.

It’s called, “Adwords Made Easy” and you can get full details over at:

I’m currently selling it for $27 (a $47 value), but it’s yours FREE when you download George’s new course!

((Not only that)).. but you’re going to get Resale Rights to the Adwords Advertising Made Easy course.   Now how does that sound?

Ready to check it out?

Go here for your limited subscriber discount ==>

Grab your special discount and send me your receipt via http://www.contactdavidlovelace.com/ and I’ll respond as quickly as possible with the private download page to Adwords Made Easy.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hopefully this can make up for my fiasco earlier this week.

Warm regards,