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Are You Making These Joint Venture Marketing Mistakes?

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Are You Making These Joint Venture Marketing Mistakes?
by Dave Lovelace

I know first hand the power of Joint Venture Marketing.   It has been responsible for the majority of my income each year.  One of the biggest reasons I’ve been successful is that I’ve avoided these common mistakes.

If you’ve contacted a prospective partner about working with you, and you get a reply asking for details of your proposal, give them the details!   Don’t make them ask twice.   You’re wasting their time.   You may only have one chance and if you blow it, then you may not get another.

I’m talking about basic stuff here.  If you’re selling something, tell the JV partner what you’re selling.   Give them access to your sales page.  If you promise to put a link to their product on your page, then show them your page and where you’re going to put it.   If you want them to promote your product, send a copy and show them the sales copy.  If you have proof of sales conversions from early tests, pass this info along. 

No one is going to promote a shabby looking site or poor product.  It’s up to you to prove that it’s otherwise.   I don’t care if you’re offering me 100% commission, I won’t endorse garbage and/or send my valued subscribers to a sales page that doesn’t at least appear that it can convert visitors into buyers.  

So if you’re making a promise, be specific.   If you’re contacting me, I want to know details.   Just because you’re promising to give me exposure, a link, an ad, etc doesn’t mean anything unless you can show me proof that what you’re offering to me is valuable or that it’s worth my time. 

Sure, a link back to my site sounds great.  I like free exposure.   But if you’re going to put that link in a rarely seen area of your site, what’s the point?  So show me that you’re going to put it in a highly visible spot. 

If you tell me you’re going to be getting lots of traffic, prove it.  How are you going to be getting that traffic?  Anyone can say “I’ll be getting lots of traffic”.   Prove to your prospective partner that you have the assets or leverage to do this.  

Are you using affiliates for your traffic?  Great, how many affiliates do you have?  Understand that only 1-2% max of your affiliate database ever do anything!  So if you only have 100 affiliates, then you’re not really going to be getting “alot of traffic”.   So, using the example of free exposure with a link to my site with the HOPE of making sales for me based on the promise of “lots” of traffic, is simply not a good deal or worth my time and effort to participate in your JV offer.

So be thorough and responsive when communicating with prospective partners.  Be brief when first contacting them by telling them who you are, how you found them (or know them), and a brief sentence or two about why you’re contacting them.  

This initial contact is only to get a response.  If you get one, make the most of it!  If you get a list of questions, answer them, even if they annoy you.  Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your prospective partner.  You need them.  They don’t necessarily need you.

If you want to experience the powerful results of Joint Venture Marketing, avoid these common mistakes.   

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