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Backup Creator Review and Why You Should Not Buy It!

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I was looking for an easy user-friendly way to migrate several blogs and did a search on Google and found Warrior Forum listing for Robert Plank’s Backup Creator. I was familiar with Robert and purchased some PHP training from him in the past, so I purchased his Backup Creator on the Warrior Forum on May 30.

I followed the instructions, which were simple, at least for me as I’m a web tech and generally understand these kind of tasks. After installing, I receive numerous “permission denied” errors (among a few others) that would probably take up a few pages.

I copied and pasted these into a support ticket.

I received a reply 24 hours later (which is not great, but an acceptable “max” time period for a response).  A “Jason” replied asking for login information to all WordPress and cPanel applications. I replied same day with this, and later in the day, Jason replied saying, “We believe that we have fixed this issue in the latest version 2.2.4+ Please update your plugin in your WordPress installation or by logging in the members area”.

I deleted WordPress and started all over with a fresh install and with the latest version.  It did not resolve.  It greatly reduced the number of errors I had received the first time, but still produced “permission denied” errors.

I seemed that no one actually took time to login to any of the sites, in my opinion, but rather passed on the info and an update was created.  I replied to the ticket the next day, June 2, and pasted the new errors explaining it did not resolve.

By June 7, I had still have not received a reply.  I also went into the Warrior Forum and replied to the forum thread where Backup Creator was sold (where Robert was seen replying to others, with the last reply to anyone on May 27).

I even sent him a private message, that all Warriors check, even if they miss the thread replies.

Robert was offline (not logged in) when I first posted a reply asking for his help, and minutes later I saw his status turn to online.   I thought that he may have received an email notification of a reply to his thread (which is common) and thought I might get a response very soon.

No reply.  24 hours later, no reply.  48 hours, no reply.

Absolutely poor customer service and not worth the hassle… afterall, customer service is everything and defines your business and character.

After re-visiting the thread, I discovered that 2 others before me had the same “no response” issues with support, so this confirms that it’s not just me.

Bottom line… I asked for a refund.  It took 4 days to get the refund and a reply!  And that reply didn’t address the continued errors; they didn’t even make an attempt to resolve or reply to those.  Oh, and Robert chose to completely ignore the private message and my post in his sales thread asking for his help (accurate at the time of writing this review).

Recommend? I think you know the answer.  It’s clear the customer is not a priority.

So what DO I recommend?

I haven’t chosen an alternative yet, but after much research (reading reviews, comparing features, and posing questions to Customer Service at the respective sites), I’ve narrowed down my possible choices to 3:

1. WP Twin
2. Backup Buddy
3. Manage WP

Click here to see a comparison of these 3 resources.