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Camtasia Audio Problem Solution


If you’ve created a camtasia video using the latest version (V.5), and updated your Adobe flash to the latest version, you’ve no doubt noticed that “chipmunks” seem to have invaded the audio in your video.

This also applies to those watching/listening to these videos.  I made the mistake of choosing to update my Flash!  So now I have to put up with the obnoxious “chirping”. 

There is a “fix” for anyone who has created these videos.  Techsmith has a fix which doesn’t require having to re-produce the videos.  They’ve contacted Adobe so they can create a fix on their end, which will solve the problem for those of us watching these camtasia videos.  But we have to wait for that or find a way to install the previous version of Adobe’s flash until they correct the problem.

I found this entertaining video that sheds some light on the camtasia audio problem:

Click Here For The Fix

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