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Clickbank 60 Day Refund Policy Actually 6 Month Policy?

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I received shocking news today.  Apparently Clickbank.com’s 60 day refund policy (as we all know and understand it) does not apply to subscriptions.

I just received a refund notice for 2 month’s subsription fees (today, June 16, 2011) for a product that was intially purchased in October, 2010!  I thought there must have been an error in this, so I contacted Clickbank via live chat.  A “Blanca” replied saying that the last 2 month’s fees (60 days worth) were refunded.

“What?!”, I thought to my self.  “How can that happen?!”.  As I understand the policy, a refund is only given within 60 days from the initial purchase.  So I asked if a customer could refund anytime they want in a subscription and the answer was “yes”.

That’s ridiculous.  If I were a vendor, I would be very upset at this.  This customer has had at least 6 months to decide if he/she was satisfied with the “product”.  I think that’s MORE than enough time to make an informed decision.  Honestly, the first 60 days is fair.  But apparently Clickbank feels it okay that members can make up their mind when they want and get the previous 60 days refunded regardless of this!

As an affiliate, it’s equally disturbing and upsetting to discover this news.

Am I the only one in the dark about this?  Have you experienced this as an affiliate or vendor?  Feel free to chime in with your comments below.


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