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Clickbank Considering 1-Click Upsell Feature

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The 1-click upsell feature is powerful and allows the customer to make an additional purchase during or after the order without having to re-fill an order form with their credit card information.  Instead, they just tick a box to accept the order.  Convenient for the customer and a real boost to vendor sales.

Currently, several ecommerce shopping carts use this technology including Nanacast, Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing script (lastest version), Dustin Struckman’s new cart system, etc. 

And now Clickbank.com, the leading markeplace for digital products for vendors and affiliates, is considering using it as an added feature.  But there are concerns.

Ben Shaffer made this post on the Warrior Forum back in June (2009):

… was speaking with the VP of CB on Monday, and he said that this is already live on a limited basis. Basically, it allows up to 5 upsells and downsells after the original purchase which can all be 1-click.

Their main concern at this point and probably why it will never be on general release is because of the increase of chargebacks.

If you want to use it within your cart, then you can get in touch with customer support and they will assess it on a case-by-case basis. It is likely that you will only be allowed to use it if you have a great reputation with them and a low refund rate.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but that’s what he said. Will try and answer any questions if I missed something out…

Ben Shaffer

To voice your opinion and feedback about the 1-click upsell feature, post your comments on Clickbank’s blog here:



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