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Diary Of A Product Launch (Continued..)

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Starting to get nervous about my to-do list.  I tend to challenge myself to achieve tasks that I don’t have to do.  For example, I really like Adrian Ling’s Easy Clickmate for affiliate management for Clickbank products!

The beauty is, affiliates get an email notification for each Clickbank sale!  This is huge. Plus, they can login and check stats (sales and conversions) anytime.  They can also cloak their links instantly, etc.

Adrian also has a piece of software, called Easy Clickguard that integrates with Easy Clickmate that protects the downloads using a user/password.  The download links are created “on the fly” so the customer doesn’t see the actual download links.  They can’t simply pass them around on hack sites, etc.   Plus a user/pass is needed and compared to Clickbank’s customer info for verification.  I think I already mentioned that it allows to ban refunders or certain countries known for refunding.

I don’t have to use these two apps.  At the least, I want to use Easy Clickmate.  But the problem is.. I have to spend time setting this up for the product.  There are alot of steps.  Adrian’s installing for me, so that much is out of the way.

Typically, I could just setup an affiliate tools page and plugin my .php order link for Clickbank and send customers to the download page after the order.  Bam.  Quick and easy.   I must like self punishment to take the extra steps.

Anyway.. I’ve contacted a few jv partners who have agreed to promote the product the first week of December :-)   I’m always very grateful and appreciative of these individuals.  More than they know.   There are alot of choices out there.

A few things are on hold untill I get the sales copy back which I should see by this weekend (hopefully) or first of the week.  As SOON as that gets back, I’ll apply for a new publisher account at Clickbank. They charge you 50% less for a new account if you’re an existing publisher.  If I’m not mistaken, they only take a few days (1 week or less) to approve or disapprove.   But I’m nervous about that part.  Time is of the essence and I don’t want delays.  I want to meet the deadline I’ve set for Dec. 3!

Also, it’s important not to have delays at this stage because I want to have time to test the conversions on the sales page.  I’m going to offer an early-bird discount to my subscribers and customers and anyone who has registered for the early-bird noticication list at http://www.WebsiteTrafficBootcamp.com

That discount will be less than what the general public receives, but will be limited.

Other to-do’s.  I just added one.  I just got a PLR license to new traffic videos that enchance the coaching videos already in WTB covering banner advertising and video marketing.  This will make a killer bonus.  But the videos were not available in the source files when purchased. Ugh!  This stuff should have been taken care of before offering the license.

Today, I’ve got to put up the thank you page with download links so I can pass on to jv partners for review purposes.  Easy to do, just takes time to setup.  Afterall, there are 38 videos/links.

While doing these things, I’m also compiling my own Traffic To-Do folder.  That will include sending out an “affiliates wanted” email after the launch of the product, to my own list.  I’m also considering outsourcing some of the traffic generation.

Oh.. and I’m going to give away 10-20 spots to WTB on Tuesday. I won’t let the cat out of the bag here.  Details to be sent to my list on Tuesday, Nov 18th.

Some final notes for now..

This will be a “rolling” launch instead of a market-wide launch as many are doing.  There won’t be 50 people sending out about this at once.  I’ll probably put a notice in some JV notification sites for this to get others on board.  But time may be limited to focus on this too much.  I may have set the launch date too early to properly setup a larger scale launch.

I need to call my copywriter and let him know that I have some new bonuses to add to the sales page.

That’s all for now.   Check back soon for more updates to this “diary”.  And mark your calendar for Wed, Dec 3.


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