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Quick And Easy Way To Create Screen Capture Videos

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A few months back, I discovered a cool new tool from Techsmith (makers of Camtasia) called Jing.  It allows you to create instant screen capture videos.   It’s as easy as clicking the Jing bubble on your desktop, selecting video, selecting the area you want recorded, and waiting for the countdown and you’re off!

After you record your video, you can instantly upload to Screencast.com (Techsmith’s sister site) to host your video.  You can then choose to grab code to embed the video on a web page or grab a link to send to anyone to view on the screencast.com website.

Quick and easy!

Limitations:  Can only record 5 minutes.  And if you go over 2gb of bandwidth, your videos go offline unless you pay for higher bandwidth.  At the time of this post, it’s $6.95 for 25gb a month.  You will have to pay the $6.95 (or optional higher package) manually each month.  They don’t have a subscription in place yet.

A couple of great uses for Jing:

I’ve used it to show my graphic designer what I was looking for.  A great time saver and decreases the chance of mis-translation. 

I’ve also used it as a customer support tool to quickly show a customer how to unzip and view a video he purchased.  I just spent 3 minutes on the video and sent him the link to view it. 

Learn more at http://www.jingproject.com/