"C’mon!  It Can’t Be THIS EASY To Find
Unlimited Affiliates And JV Partners For
Your Next Product Launch... Can It?"

"Give Me Just 36 Minutes Of Your Time... And I Guarantee You Will NEVER Have To Worry About Where You're Going To Get Traffic, Leads, And Sales.. Ever Again!"

From: Dave Lovelace

Dear friend,

Allow me to introduce you to “IF”Two simple letters, one tiny word.. one BIG problem.  Let me explain. 

How many times have you found yourself saying:

  • IF only I could get traffic, I could make sales!”

  • "I’ve got an awesome product.  IF I only had an army of affiliates to go out in the marketplace and promote for me!” 

  • “I can’t afford to advertise.  IF only I could find a way to generate fast, targeted traffic for FREE!”

  • IF I could just find joint venture partners who could help me launch my product, I could instantly build my list and finally start seeing real money online”

  • “I could make take that vacation and pay off that bill (etc, etc)… IF I could just find JV partners to endorse my product!!”

  • IF I could find someone to partner with, I could create my product SO much faster and my business would take off in record time!”

Sound familiar?

Can you say “IF Spray”?

If you want to get rid of a pesty bug problem, you reach for the bug spray, right?

Well, let me introduce you to the IF Spray!

My name is Dave Lovelace.  I’ve been making a full time living online for the past 3 years.  I’ve personally leveraged joint venture strategies to produce as much as $76,313.85 in sales in as little as 10 days. 

But I couldn’t have done it without the skills and knowledge I’m going to reveal to you here! ...

“Watch Over My Shoulder As I Reveal How To Find All The Super Affiliates and Joint Venture Partners You Can Handle For Generating Surges of Prospects & Profits For Your Online Business!”

I’ve created a 36 minute no-fluff, content-filled coaching video (perfect for newbies) that reveals my personal methods for researching, finding, and contacting potential affiliates and JV partners.

Here’s some of what you'll discover inside this revealing video tutorial...

  • 3 hot spots for instantly finding potential affiliates

  • Rules to follow before you start compiling your list of prospective partners

  • The first thing you must understand before you get started in your search!

  • 2 assets your prospective partner must have or else you're wasting your time.

  • Key factors to look for when researching prospective websites

  • Where to go to find personal contact information when you can't find it anywhere else.

  • The BEST way to contact a potential affiliate or partner.  It's NOT what you think!  This practically guarantees you'll get noticed!

  • 2 surefire ways to get the attention of a super affiliate.. every time.

  • How to know if a prospective partner already has traffic that you can tap into

  • Why using ______(s) are key to finding the top "players" in the market.

  • The specific keyword combination that will point you to super affiliates who control the market

  • The "secret" forgotten site that can produce endless lists of potential partners (over and over again)! 

  • Little known resource that will instantly hand you a goldmine of list owners who have leverage to send you fast, targeted leads, sales, and publicity!

"It ain’t rocket science, and I’ll prove it!”

After viewing my video, I’m 100% confident that you’ll walk away armed with the skills and knowledge that make finding affiliates as easy as tying your shoe! 

It really isn’t “rocket science”. 

In fact, here are 2 simple ways for finding potential affiliates/partners ASAP!

Need affiliates?  Search for review sites in Google.  Many super affiliates are skilled at creating these sites.  They’re always looking for fresh, quality products to promote.  And they’re already actively marketing, so they’re perfect candidates. Contact them and ask them to review your product.

Here’s another quick tip..

When visiting sales pages that sell related, non-competitive products or services, look for testimonies.  Many times you'll find "peer" testimonies from other product owners in the same market/field.  You’ll find their web address noted under their name. 

You're going to need this..

Finding prospective partners is only the first step.  Once you find them, THEN what?

Look, I know that you came here to find out how to find affiliates and JV partners.  I know that you’re not expecting more.

And frankly, if I stopped right here and only offered my 36 minute coaching video, at the killer WSO price you’re going to see in a moment, this would be an awesome deal.

But I want to over-deliver!

I want to include an extremely valuable bonus.  It’s small in size, but HUGE in value! 

For newbies, I realize that it’s “easier said than done” when it comes to contacting potential affiliate partners. 

Finding them is the easy part, as you’ll discover after you view my coaching video ;-)  It’s the “contacting” part where beginners hit the wall. 

So I’m going to include a proven email template you can copy and edit to send to those potential affiliates and partners that you’ll soon be contacting!

That’s not all..

Did I mention that I’m going to over-deliver yet?

I really want you to benefit from the power of leveraging other people’s assets for fast results online!  That’s why I’m going to kick in an additional training video called..

"Getting Ready For Your Breakthrough JV"

Inside this powerful BONUS training video, you’ll discover ..

  • How to craft the perfect JV email that will have your partners falling over themselves to work with you!

  • How to figure out exactly what your JV partners are looking for... and give it to them!

  • Secret sources for obtaining "background information" on potential partners (you’ll get you more than 10 places to find dozens of references)

  • Watch a plan being created from scratch for a six-figure Joint Venture deal!

  • The real secret to bringing in serious affiliate commissions... even after your JV deal is done!

  • Trademarked process map for product creation JVs... just follow these steps and you'll have your very own product to profit from forever!

  • How to "train your JVs" to get them to follow through on their commitments

One more..

I’ll also include an additional bonus report : “Are You Making These Joint Venture Marketing Mistakes?” 

I get my share of JV requests. And frankly, 99.9% of them are all wrong! 

This short report outlines a real case study of one of these emails, why it didn’t work, and how you can avoid the same mistakes.

“Why should you do business with me?”

Here's what some of my valued customers and subscribers are saying:

“Hello everyone, I like to recommend you buy whatever Dave sells you, you will benefit a great deal from it, you can count on it being a great product. He has taught me so much.”



“I enjoy reading your emails - you share such great ideas, have a friendly/approachable tone, and you take the time to answer emails.  I am deluged with mail and am constantly weeding out subscriptions but yours will stay.

Again, thank you so much!  I appreciate your replies, how you write and how you are simplifying things for the “not-so-swift” who still envision success.”

Much Appreciation & Light!



“Wow, you certainly are fast.  I appreciate your great customer service.   Too many businesses talk customer service, but very few and I mean very few deliver anything close to customer service.”


“Dear David,  as a Newbie, I have been taken enough times already.  I feel good about dealing with you,   Keep your RADAR working.  We need wise honest people who care like yourself…. Thanks again my friend!!!!”


“I guarantee your satisfaction!”

I’m so confident that this training will provide MUCH more value to you than the tiny investment I’m asking, that I’m offering a full 30 days to check out this training.

If you don’t think you received your money’s worth, you can contact me and I’ll refund every penny.  You have my full contact info after your order!  You have nothing to lose.

“So how much?”

Until today, my coaching video has only been offered in a private membership that is now closed to new members.  When it was open, you had to pay $97 for access.  But I’m not going to ask anywhere near that.  That would be insane.

To put this in perspective, I charge $100/hr for a phone consultation.  So 30 minutes of my time would be valued at $50... so if I cut that in half, $27 would be a great deal

Today, you can get instant access to:

  • My 36 minute coaching video guaranteed to help you quickly find all the affiliates and JV partners you can handle!

  • Bonus: JV contact email template

  • Bonus report: “Are You Making These JV Mistakes”

  • Bonus coaching video: “Getting Ready For Your Breakthrough JV”

  • 30 Money Back Guarantee!

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All for only $27!

To free traffic, leads, and sales!
Dave Lovelace

P.S. Videos are in Flash format and instantly downloadable following your purchase.  Requires Adobe flash installed on your computer and a .zip extractor to extract the video files.