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Follow This 3 Step System for Massive Success in 2008


If you’re new to my list, you haven’t had a chance to hear about this. If you’ve been around for awhile, then most likely this information will “ring a bell”.

Either way, I really want you to pay attention to this. Let it soak in. Study it. Ask questions if you need to.

If you’ve heard it before and you’re not doing it, then kick yourself in the butt right now. And do it twice!

Or ask your ‘better half’ to do it. If they’re having a bad day, and it’s because of you, I’m sure he/she will oblige


Ok, here’s what this is about.

A 3 step system for massive success in 2008.

Step 1.

Setup a 1 page mini-site for a product in your niche who’s only purpose is to get your visitor to opt-in to your list. This is often referred to as a “squeeze page” by Internet Marketers.

On this page you have a benefit-heavy Headline followed by a few bullet points that tell your reader what’s in it for them when they request the info or content that you’re dangling in front of them.

Finally, you include an email opt-in form to add the visitor to your database/list.

Step 2.

You provide the subscriber with no-cost quality content that they can use right away. This info instills trust and making it easy for them to take your recommendations . . . which results in affiliate commissions for you. Or if you’re selling your own product/service, then it’s 100% commish.

Step 3.

Follow up with them several times telling your subscriber what’s in it for them when they choose to invest in your product (or affiliate product).

Tests have shown that most people respond after being shown something 5-7 times before coverting from browsers to buyers.

From there, keep in touch with your subscribers on a consistent basis, continuing to provide useful information via a newsletter, articles, and recommendations for tools and resources that will help them to achieve their goals, and you’ll continue to see your business and profits grow by leaps and bounds.

That’s it!

Do you see what is happening with this system?

You’ve given your visitor ONE decision to make, and one only in step 1. They’re only shown a simple 1 page site about ONE topic.

There’s NO confusing, in your face, banner-happy web page providing WAY too many choices that only stress and confuse the visitor sending them running.. never to return.

That’s NOT what you want to happen!

With the “squeeze page”, they either choose to join your list and access your info, or they don’t. If they do not, then consider it a favor.

You don’t want this type of person on your list anyway! If they won’t take the time or the action of signing up for your information, then they certainly aren’t the type to “act” on anything.

You don’t want freebie-seeking, non-serious individuals just taking up space in your database! So good riddance. No hard feelings.

With this system, you’ve also just given yourself many chances at getting the sale as opposed to the one and only chance that you would have if you’re using one of those busy, confusing web sites that scare them off. On the other hand, you may have a content filled web site that isn’t “scary”, but you’re not asking for the opt-in. Either way, you’re operating a “right now” type of business. And most prospects are not “right now” customers!

What else have you done?

You’ve acquired very targeted subscribers who have raised their hand to say they’re interested in the specific area of your niche.

And if you treat them right and continue to provide quality info and build a relationship with your list, they’ll begin to trust you and act on your recommendations in the future.

This means ongoing, residual profits for you as long as they remain a subscriber!

Are you seeing the full potential and power of this system?

You’ve now gone from a business that feels like a ghost town, generating a sale “once in a blue moon”, to a kick-butt business that’s full of life and vigor.

The problem..

I can hear you’re thinking.. “Yeah Dave, this is awesome information. BUT.. I don’t have a clue about creating a squeeze page or coming up with content, etc, etc. I’m not a techy person and it’s all new to me!”

Ok, fair enough. So I’ll let you in on a secret of mine. I like to cheat my way to success whenever possible.

Don’t worry. It’s a good thing. I’m talking about leveraging other people’s hard work to quickly and easily put this system to work for you.

You don’t have to know jack about html, about product creation, creating these mini-sites, or writing content to get started.

There are two resources that will do the hard work FOR YOU and give you the tools you need so you can finally start building and profiting from your own opt-in list.

So that you can make an informed decision, I’ve posted an unbiased review / comparison of them both at http://davidlovelace.com/review-affiliate-cash-secrets-vs-affiliate-silver-bullet/

Hope this helps!

Dave Lovelace

Internet Marketing Review