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Get indexed, get ranked, get traffic

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It’s undeniable that the one thing you need to succeed in your online business is traffic. And the best kind of traffic is free traffic. Where does free traffic come from? Google and other search engines.

How do we get free traffic from Google?

You’ve experienced this process a lot of times. You visit your favorite search engine. Enter in a word or phrase you want to research. Then you click on one of the pages that in displayed. Well, the link you clicked on just send free traffic to that website owner. We will be discussing here how to get website traffic to you for free.

You probably only visit a link or two from the first page of results. Actually, almost 100% of the free traffic goes to this first page of results. What’s even more amazing is the the first 3 links get more than 70% of the free traffic.

So, obviously your site needs to be in the first page of results to get free traffic from Google. And that means you need to be “ranked” in the top 10 by Google. Which brings up..

What is SEO?

SEO means that your website is clearly about something specific, Google knows that that is and thinks others will agree and find your site useful. The formula Google uses to determine this is known only by Google. But there are several things that we know for sure.

Getting indexed

Before you can get ranked, Google has to first know your site exists. This is known as being “indexed.” This is when Google looks at your site and take notes about it, which are stored in their database.

To get indexed, you have to help Google find your site. Getting a link from another site will accomplish this easily. Since some of these site will already be indexed, Google will follow the links on their pages and find you.

A couple of great places to do this are in your Twitter or Facebook profiles. Because these sites are indexed multiple times every day. So any new links will be followed right away.

Gaining ranking

Once you have been indexed, you will start working on increasing your rank. Just getting indexed does you almost no good, considering that Google has billions of pages in their database.

There are three components of gaining ranking:

  • Content
  • Links
  • Activity

Great content

This is the SEO you do on your site itself. You need to make sure your content matches the search terms you’re going after. The topic of this article is clearly SEO. One way Google figures this out is from the fact that it contains the term SEO. But also because other related words like traffic generation show up in it, as well.

You also need to make sure the title tags, outbound links and the domain itself match the topic of the page. These all play a part in helping Google determine what your website is about.

Your links

The second factor is your linking. This includes both the inbound and outbound links. With inbound links, you want to have more coming in than going out. The more inbound links you have the better your ranking will be.

A very easy way to get a lot of links to your site is through article marketing. To accomplish this you start by writing an article that targets the keywords you’re after. You have to also write several different versions of your articles. Because you’re going to post a unique copy of it to lots of different websites. And the more you do the better.

Getting activity

And lastly, it’s seems clear that Google expects important pages to be actively updated. Static pages that just sit may rank at first, but will fall off over time. So you need to update your pages often. One way to keep adding new content it through RSS feeds.

But the best way is with active discussions on your page itself. So, obviously, you need to get people to visit your site on your own, too. One simple method for doing this is to use forums.

Create profiles on lots of forums about your site’s topic. And post their often. And link back to yourself in your signature file. This generates even more links back to your site. And it gets people to visit the site you link to.


All of the above is important. But let’s face it, writing multiple versions of the same article. And creating a bunch of forum profiles. And posting your content all over the web is time consuming. And you’re already too busy, so you mostly likely will never do any of it.

However, rank builder software exists. And it automates everything we’ve just talked about. So my best advice is to automate as much of this as you can. And then you’re sure to get it done. And not doing it means you will never get free traffic from Google.