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Get Paid For Your Internet Marketing Skills

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Did you know small businesses in your city will pay you thousands of dollars…as soon as TODAY…for helping them with their internet marketing?

And in most cases you’ll get paid for sharing and implementing some of the most basic internet marketing strategies.

The simple stuff you and I take for granted is revolutionary to the average small business owner.

# Simple mini-website design…creating a 2-4 page website is more than enough…

# Online sales pages with a call to action.

# Capturing email addresses and following up automatically by autoresponder.

# Simple SEO (getting a site to the top of Google for geographical search terms can be VERY easy.

# Simple pay per click.

Here’s what’s really amazing…

If you know how to do just ONE of the things in the list above small businesses will pay you to do it.

And right now they’re paying 1,500 to 10,000 dollars plus to other people with less internet marketing skill than you to do these jobs.

You can start getting paid simply by talking to small business owners you already know or your friends know and start collecting checks this month, this week as soon as today.

Here’s the best part…

My friend Jim Cockrum has set up an entirely new membership site devoted entirely to helping you make an exceptional income selling your internet marketing services to local businesses.

On this site you’ll discover reports, audio, streaming videos and a full discussion forum revealing the secrets ordinary internet marketers like you are using right now to make their livings in the very lucrative small business market.

These people are getting paid real money by real business owners in the real world…and you can too.

Here’s just some of the feedback on the site already…

“$1,500 the first day” “$3,000 with my first sale” “Got a great project with my first try” “Got paid on the day I tried it”

You can keep all the fees you collect from small business owners for yourself or you can even OUTSOURCE all the hard work!

Most small businesses are clueless when it comes to interent marketing and business owners just don’t have the time to learn the basics and take action.

In a few weeks you can have multiple small business clients…ordinary businesses you pass by every day.

And here’s where this gets really exciting for you…

Two of the most respected and successful “Online to Offline” marketers have just launched a new site that gives you all the tools you need to get hired for multiple thousands of dollars…

You can be taking checks from business owners this month, this week…even as soon as today!

Go check out this amazing site now… OfflineBiz.com


P.S. At a minimum you should go grab the complimentary fact filled 44 page report and the N0 C0ST “forum access only” membership.

You’ll figure out very quickly if this is for you or not.

I checked out the no cost discussion forums and they are already BUZZING with excited members!

Go see for yourself at the link below right now… OfflineBiz.com