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Get Paid To Help Local Businesses Get More Customers

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When visiting and working with local business owners, one needs to understand that while each business has its own area of specialty, the one thing in common is they all want more customers. With more customers comes increased revenues and profits.  That’s the bottom line.

Can you help this business person bring more customers through their doors and cause their cash register to start “ka-chinging”?

I will maintain that one of the most under-utilized assets available to local main street businesses, is the internet. For a relatively low cost, businesses can setup, promote, and profit from an entirely new revenue stream that reaches new customers that never would have heard of, or done business with, had it not been for the internet.

What is the value of a new customer?

Well, there is the immediate sale, and say as an example the average customer spends $50 per visit – then the new customer is worth $50. But if you look at the annual and lifetime value of a customer – the true value of that new customer is many times that initial $50 they spent the first time they came to your business.

Say they come back 6 more times this year – the annual value is now $300, and for a lifetime value, just say ten years – That new customer that the website brought into the business is now worth $3000 …..AND that is just one single customer.

So even an under performing website that brought in only three new customers a month, still amounts to an additional 12 months x 3 new customers/month x $300 year customer value = $10,800 of new, additional revenue to the business, because of the website. If the business spent $150/month – $3000 year on their website – they are still in the profit zone.

Now can you image if the business did some basic website promotion, as a starter, just use the business profile submission services at 1ClickLocalSubmit.com and add to it some content marketing such as articles and a video.

Now instead of three new customers a month – they now have ten new customers a month and they have increased their business revenues from the website, to $36,000 for the year. So I would ask the business owner, “Was it worth it to spend $300-$500 to promote their website?” I think they would have to agree – that would be an excellent rate of return.

Of course the average one time, yearly, and lifetime value of a customer is dependent on the business…some businesses might have lots of customers but average sale is only twenty bucks – while at the other extreme, each customer might worth several thousand, such as with a surgeon or an attorney. The point is the web can bring new customers into the business and add to their revenues – and that is what every business wants.

That brings me back to what I mentioned at the beginning – local main street businesses are missing a golden opportunity to bring new customers into their business. For the dollars spent – the internet revenue stream can be one of the best return on investments a business can make.

So when you are out visiting with a business owner, explain how you can help them leverage their business with the web.   Simply explain that you’re not there to take money from them – but to bring more customers through their doors.

Whether its 20-50-100-1000 new customers, the Internet can help any local business grow and proper.   Businesses understand that the Internet is the future, but most are absolutely clueless about Internet Marketing and how to get started.  They are desperate for help and will pay well for results.  This is where you come in.

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