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Google: swipe this $1,445 a day campaign…

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In a few moments, you’re going to receive a special link to watch a very interesting video.

After watching this video, you will learn how you can legally ‘steal’ a simple Google ad that is currently making the owner an easy $1,450 every single day.

Listen: the owner of this campaign is actually giving you permission to get in on this action and ‘steal’ a piece of it for yourself right now, no kidding…

You NEED to click here and watch this

As you watch it, you will discover how a 25 year-old guy from England, who used to work a miserable day job for minimum wage… went from the ‘poorhouse’ to making over $1,000,000 a year with Google and ClickBank.

This video will quietly take you behind the scenes into a world you’ve never seen before… a world where the BIG players in the Internet Marketing game plan their deadly moves.

Stay with me as I pull back the curtain, to give you a ‘sneak preview’ into the shocking Clickbank account of a guy only known as Chris X, author of the fastest selling ebook in Clickbank history, “Day Job Killer.”

If you just can’t wait to see it, go here right now

Has Chris X finally gone crazy?

More to the point: who is Chris X anyway?

Well, Chris is famous for being one of the most successful Clickbank affiliates of all time, and his string of accomplishments in the online money-making world reads like a Hollywood Blockbuster movie…

However, he’s most famous for releasing the fastest selling ebook in the entire history of Clickbank, the “Day Job Killer” which sold over 6,000 copies just on the day of launch alone.

So when Chris speaks, the affiliate marketing industry pays attention, full attention.

And now, he’s letting you into his secret money vault to take a peek at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enrich yourself:


So what is this video all about?

Well, today Chris and his ‘crack’ team of programmers are gearing up to release Google Nemesis, a “push-button” wealth-creation system.

They’ve taken all the hard work out of Google and made profiting as simple as pushing a few buttons…


Finally, you can play the Google game by your own rules, and on your own timetable.

A tool that does everything – find the hottest products, create websites using proven templates…

It even “predicts” conversion rates – giving you everything you need to profit.

This is the closest thing you’ll ever get to “connect the dots” online profiteering…

This closely guarded tactic has made some savvy underground affiliates thousands already…

Chris himself has made as much as $64,000 in just 6 weeks of using this system with one little Google ad. 

I have just been checking this out, and I believe this can work for anyone – and in a moment, you will see why.

All you have to do is watch this video now



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