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How I Lost $49 with Ezine Advertising

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A few years back, I tried Ezine advertising (once).  I paid for a solo ad in the Christian Times Newsletter.  Unfortunately, my experience was less than “christian”.  The individual who was managing ads for this newsletter was dishonest.

First, he didn’t send the ad on the date promised.  I emailed asking why it wasn’t sent and he said it was sent.  He was “sure”.

Turns out, he didn’t.  So he re-scheduled it.

Remember, I’m talking about a solo ad, so this is supposed to go out without any ads or any other information.. only my ad!

When the ad went out, it was NOT sent as a solo ad.  The subject line was one that referenced something like “this weeks ads” that obviously would have a horrible open rate.

When opened, there were many other ads and my “solo ad” was in the mix!

As you can imagine, I was extremely “ticked” to say the least.  I paid for the most expensive ad to be sent alone.

When I spoke to this guy, he was a total ass.  Denied it happened. It was a horrible experience!

So I didn’t try ezine advertising again untill this year.

This time, I decided to purchase a “sponsor” ad from HBAds.com from Al Freeman.  He also owns other ezine advertising sites like freeads4millions.com and ezineking.com

A “sponsor” ad is not sent alone but among 3 other ads in a newsletter.  If the sponsor ad tested well, I would consider a solo ad, or purchasing another sponsor ad.  So this was a test.

Al promised to send out to a database in the hundreds of thousands. Naturally, I’m tracking clicks to see how well (or poor) the results will be using my favorite tracking tool “covert affiliate links“.

After the first week, I didn’t see any clicks. Alright, since it’s one of 3 ads in a newsletter, I’m sure it may be another week before it gets ran in some of the newsletters on Al’s list of ezines.

So I waited 2 weeks, this time 13 clicks (and 3 of those were from me, testing the link to make sure it worked)!!

I emailed Al who was polite and understanding of my frustration and said he would run in an additional newsletter to make up for it.

Another week goes by.. no more clicks!

I’m writing this a few weeks later and maybe 5 more clicks.. that’s it!!

Bottom line, a complete a total waste of time and money.

Now, you might think..  “you must have submitted a crappy ad that no one was interested in and/or simply didn’t convert”.

I’m sure that happens the majority of the time in any advertising format because most people don’t understand copywriting.  But I do.  I’ve written copy that has converted well.

In fact, the ad I submitted had been used in recent ad swaps and converted at 60% (which is way above average) sending me hundreds of subscribers from other targeted lists.  So the ad was already proven.

So, based on my experience, these online “ezines” found in sites like Al’s and similar so-called directories are complete junk that people do not read!  And the only people making a profit have to be the people who run them.

While Al was nice enough to deal with personally, if I were him, I couldn’t rest at night knowing that my business was based on “snake oil” money.

FYI: every single ezine directory site I visited contained multiple listings of ezine websites that no longer existed; long gone and dead.  Didn’t matter what site I went to, the majority of links I clicked on, to find out more, went nowhere.

Lesson learned!

So your take away from this, is to steer clear of ezine advertising from these type of sites.

With that said, there are worthy “newsletters” online with very targeted and happy subscribers in various niches.  You may find them in Google by typing in a keyword related to your niche plus the word newsletter (ie, gardening newsletter).

The key is to do your due diligence and subscribe to the newsletter first to judge first-hand if it’s quality and if the information would make YOU a loyal reader.  If so, and advertising is offered, you may see great results with the right ad.

Have you had an experience, good or bad, with ezine advertising?  Feel free to leave your comments.