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How Information Overload Killed My Success


When I first decided I was going to make a living online I spent a lot of time chasing “easy money”.  My routine was something like this…

– Check email

– Read an amazing email and click a link

– Find myself reading a well written sales page while daydreaming of sitting on the beach with my wife, having a drink, watching my daughter play, the sun setting in the background while my PayPal account magically filled itself because I had purchased the latest and greatest system. (that was a mouthful, but you know you have had the same dream!)

– Buy fancy, new, must-have system (who doesn’t love magic PayPal-fillers??).

– Check email for download link when suddenly another shiny object would catch my eye and I would find myself back at step 1, while the last ebook, video or whatever collected dust on my hard-drive and filed in the to do list, never to be looked at or thought of again.

– Rinse and repeat

When I sat down and analyzed my ummm “business plan” it became painfully obvious why I was not reaching my goals (btw, making lots of money is NOT a goal. Making $4,000 in 60 days, is). I never actually focused on a single “thing” long enough to ever make any progress. Ok, sometimes I actually sat down and read the report or watched a video before I was distracted by a new email, but I never gave any system a serious chance to work.

Instead I would blame the author or the system, when deep inside I knew the problem was me. Somehow that seemed easier when things got hard. Once I got focused and set some real goals a funny thing happened. I suddenly had real direction. I found that I was no longer spending all day buying products I didn’t need. Instead, I had a clear goal and business plan. This allowed me to evaluate the latest and greatest offer and understand whether or not it could help me get closer to my goals. If it could, then I would buy it and consume it immediately.

If it couldn’t then I could ignore it and continue moving in a focused direction. Lots of funny things started to happen once I got focused and cleared the clutter that is often called information overload.

I found that I started making real progress with my business. I found that I was becoming more productive. I found that I my stress levels and general happiness began moving in positive directions. Most importantly I found that my personal relationships with my family and friends were becoming deeper and more meaningful that I had ever experienced. It is amazing what happens when you get focused.

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