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How To Keep People Subscribed to Your List

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If someone has signed up as a subscriber, then you know one thing already: they are interested in your niche. Your content, blog posts and other marketing tools have led them to believe that you are worth listening to and  just may have a product worth buying.

If your emails read like a sales letter, you will probably get a lot of unsubscribe notices.  Avoid this with these 5 tips.

1. Use an honest, but catchy headline. Headlines are going to be the first thing that your subscriber sees in their subject line. If you want them to open it, get straight to the point. Tell them exactly what they will find if they open the email. It could be the answer to a question you pose or specific information:”3 Easy Ways to Create a Family Budget.”

2. Address your subscriber by name. General greetings don’t let your reader know that you know them. It’s a sign that you are too busy to actually be “connected” with your readership. Address each person directly in your email series.

3. Provide pertinent content. Begin with the question you posed or the statement you made in your headline. If you are focused your subscribers will be also. Give what you promise in as few words as possible – 300 to 400 words.

4. Ask them to do something. This is not a sales hook. If you are offering a free eBook with more information, this is when you discuss what they will find in it and provide a link to the landing page. If you would like them to opt-in for something else like a monthly newsletter, include that here.

5. Use your real signature. Let them know that you are personally involved in everything that you send out to your subscribers and customers.

What is important to them is what you say and how you say it through well-constructed emails.

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