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Ignore List Bandit Hype

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Boy, this one gets under my skin.

I hate seeing emails and hype about this type of list-building.
You’re probably starting to see the emails in your inbox
this evening about the List Bandit.

Nothing personal against the owner, but I’m opposed to what
he’s doing (as others have done before him and as he’s done in
the past) with 2 other related sites. 

It’s Great! (for the site owner).  Good for him.  But as my
subscriber, I have to give you an Alert.  Then you decide for

Anything that requires the efforts of others in order for you
to have the best chance of success is a waste of your time!

I encourage you to choose more affective options.

Besides, this type of list-building actually only builds the
creator’s list.  Ultimately, it’s the site owner’s list, not

Sure, you’ll get the “priviledge” of emailing them, yada,
yada, yada.

So my opinion is to ignore this junk. 

There are forks in the road in our marketing journey.  Both
can go to the same place, but if you choose your direction
wisely, you’ll reach your destination without having to trek
over the mountain, get lost in the dark woods, and run into
multiple detours.

I’m trying to help you choose wisely. 

Look, agree or disagree with me, but if you’re going to go
“gung-ho” on building a list, YOU should be the one who owns
the list .. period.

End of story.

Here’s a snippet from the List Bandit web page:

“Your personal downline contains the people you refer and
the people they refer – and the people they refer – and so

Then there’s:

“maybe you hit the jackpot”

Which translates – maybe if there’s a miracle, everyone
works their tail off and has loads of success and refers
hundreds and thousands of people.. and magic wands
start growing on trees, etc

Those with a huge list already, snag up the top spots and
have the most success.  It will most benefit them and the
owner of the site.

That’s why you’re getting bombarded with emails about this.

Look ..

If you want a short cut to building YOUR OWN list, grab the
squeeze page I’ve setup for you (along with the list-building
and email profits reports) that I’m giving away here:


*Both come with reprint rights. 

Then download the report over at:

Download it for 2 reasons.

1. It gives you a proven plan that the “super affiliates” and
successful marketers use to build their lists.  This is how
it’s done.  And you’ll experience the exact system when you
get your copy.  So pay attention, ok?

*If you don’t know how to do something described in this plan,
take time to learn it.  Doing so will pay you back!

2. You’ll get a Bonus “F’ree Traffic” report AND you’ll also
start receiving my Prospects & Profits training course that
will open your eyes to the strategies being used to generate
lots of both.

Tip: Use this Bonus report to help drive traffic to your
complimentary squeeze page :-)

Or, if you prefer learning by watching videos, take at look
at http://www.affiliatetrafficvideos.com (not just for

If you’ve already downloaded the reports and squeeze page,
you’re on the right track. Just keep the momentum and take
action.  You can only get results by “doing”, not by
“thinking about doing” :-)

Alright, enough of my ranting for today.


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  • 1 Stepper // Jun 23, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    Hi Dave,

    I’m here from a sig file over at Jim C’s forum. This post is spot on and I really hope it gets a ton of reads.

    I agree with your position and further support your model of not jus statin your opinion and position, but also providin another fork to go down if one chooses to do so…

    I personally see another lesson or at least an example of thoughtful marketing in your post…that is to post contrary to what’s in vogue or at least to cause your reader to have to or need to give your post some thought…if the reader is capable of independent thought…

    Good stuff Dave…hope to read/learn more from you…I’m glad I made the trip…

    Drink Better Coffee
    SpotaJava Coffee

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