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Internet Marketing Explained (Video Training)

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We’re having record breaking temps today.  Up to 73 degrees here in south central N.C.  Hard to believe that it’s January.  But I’ll take it!

Speaking of January.  The perfect time to set some goals for the new year.  What do you want to do this year?  What do you want to accomplish?

I’m putting together a plan to create a new product that will give others an instant list-building system leveraging 3 of the hottest I.M. topics.

I’m very excited about this as I know it’s going to help so many.  I’ll tell you more about it later.

Do your 2008 goals include learning or applying any of the following?

    * Opt-In Pages
    * Quick eBook Creation
    * The Follow-Up Process
    * Massive Traffic
    * Creating Membership Sites
    * Product Creation
    * Using RentaCoder
    * The Internet Marketing Model
If so, all of the topics (above), and more, are the subjects of brand new, no-cost, “Internet marketing explained” videos produced by Armand Morin. 

They’re all loaded with awesome content that you can take away and use right now.  If you’re new to I.M., and want to shorten your learning curve, this is for you.

I just watched the “ebook creation” video and it’s incredible.  This video alone could be easily sold for $27-37 a pop.  But Armand’s giving no-charge access for a limited time (for the next 10 days at least).

You’ll find out exactly how to get a downloadable book created very quickly.  And you don’t have to come up with any of the content yourself! I know this is going to help you.

I’m in the middle of the “Product Creation” video now.  It’s a video of Armand teaching at a seminar.  It’s a long one (over an hour).  But great info.  Those who attended paid a nice sum to be there, but for now, you can get access for nada.

I’m going to watch the “follow up process” next.  If you want to check them out for yourself, just go to:


* Choose the video you want to watch by referring to the section on the right side of the page under “More Training Information”.


P.S. Are you tired of trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get things going online?

The no-cost videos from Armand are going to give you some awesome information. BUT ..

I want to help you speed up your learning curve even more by helping you conquer the BASICS first.  I know many of my subscribers are in a
“holding pattern” because they don’t know how to accomplish specific basic fundamental tasks.

That’s why I’ve posted a complete “Internet Marketing Basics” video series just for Dave Lovelace subscribers at the page below.

** You’ll save months of time, cut your learning curve, and  avoid costly mistakes **

Learn more here: