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How To Run A Six Figure Business In 3 Hours A Day!

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Back in February 2006, I took my first coaching class from my “virtual” mentor, Jimmy Brown.  It was a 4 week e-class that taught me a very important lesson.  And that lesson is, “Building A Successful Internet Business Isn’t About Marketing”

That sounds contradictory to everything you’ve heard, right?  I thought the same thing.  Let me explain..

It’s easy to find any course you want on any subject you want or need.  In fact, you probably have a course on every Internet Marketing course subject on the market. 

But there’s a missing link. 

And that’s how to manage all the information and organize it into a workable day-by-day plan.  Are you shaking your head up and down in agreement?

It’s called Information Overload.  And when Jimmy contacted me about his first-ever coaching program that would cure this problem and show me how to run a successful online business in just 3 hours a day, I jumped all over it. 

It was an investment, not a purchase.  In fact, it was one of 2 investments that I made that year that were worth every single penny. 

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to experience the wealth of knowledge that put me on the right track.  I want to convey to you that I’ve already invested and have been more than satisfied.  I want to recommend that you consider turning to the mentor that showed me the proper path to running an online Internet Marketing business.

Right now, Jimmy is accepting new students for his 4-week coaching e-class.   But to be fair to those who signup, he’s only accepting 50 people.   Everyone generally knows who Jimmy is.  His reputation preceeds him.  So these coaching classes fill up fast.

I encourage you to click here and get full details so you can make an informed decision

*The first e-Class starts August 11th. 

If you don’t have a plan of action for your business, then you don’t have a business.  Here’s your chance to learn from the best. 

To prospects and profits (in just 3 hours a day)!



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