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Joint Venture Marketing: 5 Easy Ways To Find JV Partners and Super Affiliates

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Over the past few years, I’ve been able to find high-profile joint venture partners and super affiliates and convince them to do business with me.  Some of these projects have produced six-figure results in as little as 14 days.

The key is to find partners who serve the same market as yours, but not in direct competition.  Obviously if you’re selling a product on mastering SEO traffic, you don’t want to approach another business who is also selling a guide on SEO traffic. 

However, there is an exception.  If your book is teaching techniques on a specific niche of that market, for example Blogging, and your prospective partner is teaching on Article Marketing,  a separate aspect within SEO, then you have a better chance of developing a mutually profitable partnership.  But that’s for another lesson.

Today, I want to give you 5 quick methods I’ve personally used to quickly and easily find JV partners and super affiliates.

1. Clickbank.com

Clickbank is an online, searchable, marketplace for digital information products.  To find an author, you enter a keyword that most relates to your niche and search the marketplace for products that others are already selling in this niche.  Visit their site and look for their contact information.  Also try PayDotCom.com

2. Google

Obviously, you want to find the top 10-20 “players” in your market, and they’re going to show up in Google’s search engines.

Again, use appropriate keywords and review the sites that appear on the first 2 result pages.  If they look professional and their site looks like a non-competitive match to your site / product/ service, then search for their contact information.  Any legitimate site or business will have this readily available.  If you do not see it, I would be suspicious.  If they’re running a legitimate operation, then there’s no need to hide behind their site.

Note – You can generally find the owner of the site by visiting betterwhois.com  This works most of the time.  However, some of these records can be outdated.

3. Alexa

Alexa.com is a great resource for not only finding the contact information for a site, but also similar sites!  You can use this one resource for finding multiple potential JV partners.  Just type in the website address in Alexa’s search field and Alexa will produce details about the site that it has collected in it’s database along with other sites that are either related or are linking to that site. In many cases, the inbound links are coming from affiliates!  Do you see the power of this resource?

4. Seminars

Networking is a huge shortcut to finding high-profile partners and affiliates.  It’s much easier to let your guard down when you’re dealing with someone you “know”, right?  So you can avoid the longer “getting to know you” time frame that is typical with blind email communications, etc by taking time to meet someone face to face at a seminar in your field.  While these seminars can be expensive, the partnerships formed at these events can be worth so much more.

5. Affiliate Directories

Here’s a major shortcut in finding potential partners.  Affiliate directories provide a detailed listing of affiliate programs for hundreds of products and services across the web in various niches.  Also searchable, you’ll easily be able to locate products that compliment your own and find out how to contact them.  Try CJ.com, AssociatePrograms.com, AffiliateFirst.com to get you started.  Of course, you can search for them in Google.  Use keywords like “affiliate directory”, “associate directory” or “affiliate programs”.

Bonus Tips

When visiting some of these sites, pay attention to ads that appear on the site.  Many of these ads will be promoting affiliate products that are related to this niche.  Click over to a few of these sites.  They may be perfect candidates!

Here’s another favorite method I use.  Look for testimonies on the web page.  Many have a web address listed. Sometimes, these testimonies come from affiliates and peers in the field.  If they look promising, then make a note and add them to your list of potential JV partners.

Take advantage of these 5 shortcuts and you’ll have a promising list of Joint Venture partners and super affiliates that you can join forces with to quickly boost your traffic and sales. 

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NOTE – You have permission to reprint this article on your website, blog, in your newsletter, in an ebook, report, etc as long as you reprint as-is and include the resource paragraph at the end without revision.

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  • 1 Jeni Rader // Sep 1, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    It was a very good “to the point” article and gave me the info I was searching for this morning so I can find some Join Venture Partners to help me get the word out about my new Baker’s Dozen Profit Paks Membership site. I am a complete newbie when it comes to list building or launching a product, I found more precise info in this article in a few moments than I did all last night searching for Join Venture Partners, why do some authors make every thing seem so complicated when it isn’t and why can’t more writers be “to the point” and skip all the hype and fluff? Again, thanks for putting me straight and saving memhowurs of searching…Jeni

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