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Kindle: the perfect platform for marketers

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I gotta admit, I was a Kindle skeptic for a looong time.

I never wanted to be a best selling author, I wanted to be a marketer.  But then, I saw this: http://www.productpay.com/?r=enjgkl

And it hit me…

… Kindle is the PERFECT platform for marketers, but most marketers kinda go about it the wrong way (at least, I did.)

You see, if you’re trying to get traffic – I’m talking QUALITY traffic – then why waste all your time creating landing pages that nobody will ever see…

… or that take a lot of time and money to get in front of people?

Why not just go to where the traffic is already hanging out and buying stuff… and put yourself in front of it?

I mean, think out it…

… right now, we’re all trying to send traffic to a website nobody has heard of (and probably doesn’t trust) and get their name and email by giving away our reports, right?

But on Kindle, you can actually SELL those reports for a few bucks, and get those people back to your website afterwards.

It’s actually the best way I know to get leads, and I wish I’d have jumped on this sooner.

However, it’s not all roses…

… there’s no point in doing this, if you’re only going to publish a few reports/books on Kindle per month.

The key is mass exposure… regular publishing… so you’re seen everywhere by your potential customers, and sucking in those leads all day long (and getting paid for it!)

But that’s where the real problem is…

… creating tons of books on Kindle is like pulling teeth.

The formatting is jacked up and way overcomplicated.  It takes time to get it right, and finally get it uploaded.

That’s why I love this tool so much: http://www.productpay.com/?r=enjgkl

Seriously, if you’re even thinking about Kindle publishing, then this thing will save you hours of frustration, and potentially hundreds in would-be freelancer costs.

Bobby has been fine tuning this neat little Kindle formatting and publishing tool for months, and tons of people are lining up in the forums to buy it, and finally, it’s live: http://www.productpay.com/?r=enjgkl

Don’t delay, there’s a whole world of buyers – and leads – waiting for you out there on Kindle, and the easier it is to mass publish simple little books on there, the more of those people you’ll catch in your net.

Simple :-)