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Making Money Online From Home: The Ugly Truth Exposed


Millions of hard working people from all backgrounds visit the Internet everyday searching for ways to change their lifestyle, become more financially independent and gain freedom from the “rat race” that is dragging them through life like a ball and chain.

They’re excited about making money online and having their own home business. Afterall, you can spend more time at home. Get out of bed when you want, leave the “office” whenever you feel like it, even take the day off without having to ask someone else’s permmission. And the list goes on.

But to they really know the “truth”? Do they really know what they’re getting into? The reality of making money online and working from home and the popular perception can be very different.

It’s important to know that there’s an “ugly” truth that no one talks about; a truth that isn’t shiny and exciting. No one talks about it because they have an ulterior motive to get you on board with whatever opportunity they’re selling. Salesmen don’t make a habit of pointing out the negatives!

But I’ve taken off the suit and tie and I’m going to give it to you straight.


When you work for yourself, you are the boss, the CEO, the President, the janitor, the secretary, the employee, (fill in blank here). You’re the company, down to every last detail.

It is totally up to you to make things happen. No one will be standing over your shoulder telling you “here’s your job”. It’s a hard reality and frankly a bit scary when you’re thrust into this new world of working from home.

We’re creatures of habit. And in the work place, we’re accustomed to being handed our job reponsibilites and told what to do and a time frame to do it. We’re told when we can take vacation, when we can get a day off, and who to see for a form to fill out, etc if anything goes outside the rules.

But when it’s suddenly and solely up to you, it’s like “cold water in the face”.

The New Time Clock

You are the time clock. And as a “time clock”, you’ll quickly discover that working from home magically makes the clock stop working!

Afterall, there are new distractions you didn’t expect. It’s extremely easy to get distracted. There’s the TV, kids, a spouse, phone, etc. Then there’s the fact that family thinks you’re on holiday now and that you can do all of the errands that couldn’t be done when you were at the office working for someone else. eg, “Hey, you can pick up the kids now. You’re at home” or “since you’re at home now, go take care of (this or that)”.

Your immediate family doesn’t “get it” and it’s important that you discuss with them the importance of their support and understanding that you now have a business to run. You’re now the boss.

You need to set rules and office hours. It is a real business. It’s just in your home now.

Customers, can’t live without them.

Remember when John Smith was handling all the customer service issues in your previous job and you never had to worry about that? Guess what? You now have to worry about that.

From now on, it’s 100% up to you to master the art of handling support and service to your customers. And just a heads up, not all customers are fun to deal with, especially when you’re working online.

When working online, you’re opening up the world-wide door to your business and you’re going to get a wide range of people coming to your “store” and into your profit funnel.

There will be people who are rude, immature, dishonest, and more than happy to rip you off or take advantage of you and not bat an eye. Shocked? It’s true and you now have to learn how to deal with them. While this group is very small, it’s reality. And you need to be prepared for this.

Here’s another rule. When people like you, you probably won’t hear from them. When people don’t, you’re more likely to hear from them! So sometimes silence is golden. With that said, there will be a select few who actually take time to let you know that they’re pleased with you and your service, etc. Be sure to thank them for taking time to let you know.


Refunds are just a part of doing business. The first time you get a refund is always hard. When you’re just starting out, you’re nervous and scared and you really need the cashflow. So when you get your first sale, and that person turns around and requests a refund, your excitement gets flushed down the drain. More cold water in the face.

Just know that this is going to happen. Expect it. Just keep focused on getting “eyeballs” on your site every day and let the system work as it should. You can’t control this aspect for the most part. So work hard at keeping the sales coming in to offset this.

Most people will not buy from you

Here’s a real shocker if you’re not armed with the following information.

When selling products online, the majority of people who visit your site, store, or sales page will not buy from you. In fact, on average, only 1-2% of all visitors will take action on the first visit! Shocking, but true.

So don’t be discouraged when you realize that you’ve had 100 people come to your page and only 1 to 2 of them placed an order. It’s normal. This fact simply means that you need to focus on generating leads and traffic everyday. It should be your primary task.

The good news

Yes, there is some good news. You can outsource tasks for your online business. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Getting started with your own online business can be taunting. So why not let others do the tasks you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do. To learn more, visit http://davidlovelace.com/5-easy-to-outsource-tasks-for-online-businesses/

The other good news is that you can sell other people’s products online and immediately remove the customer service aspect. Let others deal with the product setup, delivery and customer issues while you sit back and collect the paychecks.

The key is setting up a system first. Then consistently following that system over and over for a stream of cash flowing into your business.


It’s critical that you understand the ugly side of working from home before you dive into the “making money online” waters. Once you realize these reality checks, you’ll be better prepared to build and grown your own business without a life jacket.

Most importantly, have a plan in place. Never start blindly. You can’t “wing” it or you’ll find yourself quickly drowning. Find a proven and tested system for making money online and work that system

It takes focus, persistence and support from friends and loved ones and the understanding that you are a business owner now. And now that you’re armed with this information, go out and claim your piece of the pie. If I can help, please let me know.

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  • 1 Bill Toebes // Dec 3, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    I have to say thanks for honest truth.Many people fall in love with running a business both offline and online.Then discover it wasn’t simple after all.It requires several things to be successful.A business plan and staying power to stay in the game.Staying power. Having the ready cash to support you and your business until you have changed negative cash flow into positive cash income.

  • 2 Udegbunam Chukwudi // Mar 1, 2009 at 3:40 am

    Sad but true. It ain’t easy at all setting up an online business which is why I’ve decided to hold on to my current job while I learn the ropes of internet marketing. I must say that it’s quite exciting especially cos I’m not outsourcing (Short on funds and quite the perfectionist. I believe in do it yourself if you want it done right). I’ve gradually built my blog using Alvin Phang’s theme and have tweaked it a lot to make it unique to my brand. Hopefully I’ll be adding my products soon.
    Wish you all the best with internet marketing.
    Thanks for the post. Was about time someone spoke on the realities of an online business.

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