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Making Money Online: How To Cheat Your Way To Success

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“I’m a cheater, he’s a cheater, wouldn’t you like to be a cheater too?”

Oh wait…

I have the lyrics wrong don’t I?

It’s supposed to be I’m a pepper, he’s a pepper.. Yeah, that’s it. 

Recognize that tune?  The old Dr. Pepper jingle.

But this doesn’t involve THAT doctor. Because today I’m the Doctor on duty and I have a prescription for [tag-tec]making money online[/tag-tec] that’s perfectly legal and won’t get you sent to the principal’s office! 

Yep, I’m telling you to cheat 😉

How so?

Use other people’s knowledge and assets to your advantage.  And the cool part is, these people won’t mind.. if you “play your cards right”.

At this point, you’re thinking, “this guy’s a real trouble maker.  First he tells me to cheat, now he’s telling me to *gamble* too!”  Ha :-0

Ok, here’s what this is all about.

Introducing my 2-step “cheater’s formula” for making money online.

I’ve used this to make a bundle of moolah. In fact most recently, I turned a $47 investment into 10 grand!  How cool is that?

First, here’s the non-cheater’s formula:

1. A product of your own
2. Traffic

Simple right?  Or is it?

Now, here’s the cheater’s formula:

1. A product or content with private label rights (known as PLR) that someone else created. Aka, looking on someone else’s paper.

2. Affiliates and Joint Venture partners that can send you fast traffic and sales!  Aka, using other people’s assets. And might I add, using O.P.A. doesn’t require a penny.

Want to know how to find other “trouble makers” who will join your cheater’s gang to make these 2 things happen?

Let me introduce you to Doug and Liz (a real pair of “cheating” scoundrels):

[Step 1] Doug Champigny’s PLR Giveaway 4

=> http://davidlovelace.com/recommends/freeplr

35 quality private label products and content designed to build lists and products fast.

Investment?  Zero

Catch?  Requires a registration prior to download.  Don’t want to join another list?  I understand. So here’s the painless solution.. when you receive the first email, find the unsubscribe link.  Simple as that.  You’re not obligated.

I personally grabbed several goodies this week.

[Step 2] Liz Tomey’s Joint Venture Seeker

=> http://davidlovelace.com/recommends/jvseeker

Step by step video coaching (including workbooks) for the “little guy” who’s looking for the shortest path to creating products, building a list, and making sales using no-cost Joint Venture tactics!

Investment?  $47

Catch?  Price goes up soon.

FYI: Liz is an honorary member of the Cheater’s Club.  She found JV partners to create her first product FOR her, and send traffic and sales to the tune of 37 grand.  Cheating sounds pretty good about now doesn’t it?!

For a total $47, you’ll have everything you need to put your success on the fast track.  That is..  if you want to be on the fast track.  Maybe you’re completely happy with your current pace. If you’re making what you want to make and at a comfortable rate, then congratulations.

But if you want to know the real secret to building the kind of business that allows average folks to replace their day job, then don’t hesitate.  There’s no time like today to build your “tomorrow”. 

Want A Sneak Peek?

You got it. 

Just visit the following page and check out the two FREE videos and download your FREE “Big Lie” report now.


This will give you a “feel” for the kind of high caliber training you’ll receive from Liz and Joint Venture Seeker.

FYI — The first video will knock your socks off when you discover the ultimate “cheater strategy” for creating products and sucking in fast traffic and sales!

So go ahead and check them out.


Here’s your homework assignment:

Take these 2 steps today:

1. Download your PLR products here:

2. Take your Joint Venture Seeker test-drive:

Welcome to the “Cheater’s Club”! 😉


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