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Net Space Profits Review – The Ugly Truth!


Review of Net Space Profits by Tyler Ericsson
Price $34

I recently purchased this product because of it’s massive potential and uniqueness for making money helping small businesses. Everything sounded great on the website and based on my years of marketing experience, the business model looked sound.

But very quickly after accessing the information and training, I discovered a greedy “catch” along with additional ‘negatives’ that you MUST be warned about.

What is it?

Ready-made websites custom built for specific offline businesses such as Chiropractors, Plumbers, Attorneys, and so forth.

These sites already have SEO elements built-in and together with the suggested domain name format (based on people searching for these businesses in “local” areas), can get ranked high in the search engines.

Once ranked, you can then go to a specific small business and show them that you’re ranked on the 1st page of Google and can send them very targeted traffic specifically interested in THEIR service. You will then offer to lease the site to them for $300 per month.


If you target plumbers in your area, you setup the “plumber” site and send the letter to as many plumbers as you can. The site will be leased to ONE plumber only for $300/month. The letter basically tells the prospective business owner that you have notified many others, but only 1 gets the site.

What’s included?

[+] Custom built 1 page websites

[+] Instructions on acquiring business specific offline-related domains.

[+] List of top businesses that this business model is most targeted to.

[+] Tips on getting backlinks to your site.

[+] Ready-made letter to send to prospective local businesses.

[+] Ready-made contract to pass on to the business owner for the lease of the site.


Yes. Expensive “fast track” upgrade. But the offer is confusing. It really doesn’t make any sense. I wasn’t sure how the “upgrade” was any different than the original product. The wording basically described the product I was already buying!

I exited from the page and was shown a 50% discount offer and passed. But… within 24-48 hours after purchase, I got access to the “upgrade” at no cost delivered via email!

Great, but I would not have been happy to go through the trouble of ordering the upsell, then the hassle of getting a refund if he was just going to give it to me later.

You also get a suprise bonus a couple of days later containing videos and powerpoints along with instructions on how to use them (and sites to go to online) for getting backlinks to your site. This is a good bonus and I was already familiar with this traffic tactic. I teach it in a free video found here on my blog.

Bottom line. Don’t order the upsell!

Additional Costs?

Yes. Requires domain purchase (approx. $10 per year) and hosting ($4.95 and up). Note – that low prices like $4.95 are usually only available if you pay for 2 years in advance.

Who is it for?

The entire training is extremely targeted to “newbies” and anyone completely inexperienced who doesn’t have hosting. Otherwise, if you have experience, you can probably just figure out things, albeit, a couple of steps are a real pain due to Tyler’s horrible training. Keep reading for details…


Great offline-to-online business model.

Well designed sites.

Website content is good and can be tailored to the individual business fairly easy.

Ready-made prospect letter and contract.


The BIG Con…

This is where the product owner’s REAL intentions are revealed with this product, and the downfall of his ill-developed product.

You are FORCED to signup with their affiliated hosting company, Brain Host, to which they make more than what they’re charging you for the front-end product.

Side note: in my experience as a tech guy for a recent Clickbank launch for a marketer who also setup a special arrangement with Brain Host, I would never use them! The support was a nightmare. They caused MORE support tickets for this marketer about the hosting than for the product!! Disclosure: Brain Host has expressed that they have since improved customer service. I have no interest in finding out if that’s true or not.

The aggressiveness of which they “push” this on you is a turn-off and makes the owner appear greedy. This could have been done without the scare tactics (ie, ‘if you don’t signup with Brain Host, you won’t be able to get it to work on your own’ B.S.)

So basically, if you have your own hosting and don’t want to signup with another, they make it sound like the sites won’t work unless you signup with Brain Host.

Proof of said B.S. …

Tyler first recommended Host Gator, as seen in the contradictory training videos, but”says” you “must use Brain Host”! so obviously the sites work with Host Gator (and thus other hosting companies). In fact, these sites should work with ANY hosting company with .php! He just wants the fat Brain Host commission! With this forceful approach to this, it makes one think that the front end product is just a lead-generator to get you to buy hosting which pays more than what Tyler is asking for Net Space Profits.

His “forceful” approach to this says to me “your money in my pocket is more important than anything else”.

The proof is in the pudding, as it goes. And the horrible and incompetent support is definitely proof of the greed (beyond the obvious “MUST use Brain Host” tactic).

It’s evident that they are too “bothered” to take additional time helping “newbies” and thus arranged Brain Host to setup everything for you.

Ok, great for newbies, right? Yes, but then you have the contradictory training videos that are a mix of version 1 with Host Gator and version 2 with Brain Host.

They also make you believe that their “sites are specifically designed for Brain Host”. Bullsh#!

They just mean that they have cPanel and that B.H. will setup the sites for you (after you go through multiple upsells from Brain Host and after you get your domain name from Brain Host — which you’re FORCED to do too!) With that said, Tyler’s video does state to ignore the upsells.

I never recommend getting your domain name from the hosting company. Any hosting company who forces you to get it through them without the option of getting elsewhere (like Namecheap or GoDaddy) first.. run away.

My experience with Net Space Profits support (from a very experienced point of view)…

First, if you already have a high level domain (aka, the first domain you registered and used for your first hosting account), then you can simply use addon domains for this.


In the training video, they make it sound like you can’t. In fact, on the “install” form, you plainly see a statement “if you’re using addon domains, then…”. But Tyler (or whomever is instructing in the video) doesn’t address that. He just looks over it and doesn’t address that option.

So I opened a ticket attempting to confirm the use of this option to no avail.

In fact, I had 2 questions.

The 2nd one was about another conflicting training video that showed Tyler using a .zip file in the install process that wasn’t in the folder, then later using the correct .zip file in a separate video.

The 2 videos not only conflicted each other as to the file that should be used, but also as to the correct order. The info did not make sense because in the latter video, the zip file was modified. But the earlier video instructed unzipping the files first on the web server. As an experienced tech guy and marketer, this didn’t make any sense! Why would you unzip a file first if it was going to be modified later?!

Both questions were ignored by support, twice, as if I had not written them! That’s a sign of very poor support.

Their initial response was “Read these PDF’s from the training”. I had already done that as they make an HUGE point to tell you “read ALL of the training PDF”s and watch the videos in order BEFORE getting support.”

The PDF’s didn’t answer my question and I told them so and asked why they ignored my question.

I had also explained that I’m not a Newbie and know how to install sites and “get” the install process and don’t need Brain Host (and have no intention on using Brain Host for any reason). I explained this just so they might reply with a more appropriate response tailored to experienced marketers… and the response?

They said they understood where I’m coming from, but I should still signup for Brain Host!

Again, totally ignoring my questions!!

At this point, it’s evident that I’m dealing with incompetent support who either doesn’t know the answer or doesn’t care and just wants to make sure they get the Brain Host commissions!

I then replied with an explanation that a refund would happen if they didn’t provide the answers to my questions. Their reply was that “we tried to call you”.

That’s great, but I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was already busy with a project and they had wasted my time enough already.

Why was it so hard for them to provide a written answer?

Who knows. I contacted Clickbank for a refund. Entirely too much conficting info in the training and unprofessional/incompetent support.

Another side note…

Support is nameless. No one replies with a name. So you don’t know who to hold responsible. What are they hiding from? Another sign of unprofessionalism.

A tip – Sometimes product owners do this so they don’t look like the bad guy if things go awry or a customer is not happy. Hmmm. Was it Tyler? Who knows.


Love the business model, but their “thorns in the rose bush” made it a “loser” based on my experience.

From the “greediness” of the forced hosting signup to the conflicting/confusing and incomplete training materials to the horrible customer support… on a scale of 1-10, Net Space Profits gets a 1 from me!

Would I recommend it to anyone?

With all of this said, now that you have been warned of the “thorns” and “gotchas”, the product may best benefit total newbies who do NOT have experience and who do NOT have hosting yet. Although I think you’ll personally struggle to pull off the business model unless you at least have a grasp of marketing and have the ability to express that in a conversation.

You’re not required to speak to anyone; do any cold calling because a pre-written letter is provide to mail to prospective business owners. But it asks them to contact you. So you need to be prepared to at least sound like you know what you’re talking about.

If that’s you, this MIGHT be for you. Maybe you’ll have better luck with support and not run into the issues I found that made the experience an unhappy one.

Hope you found this review helpful.


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  • 1 Michael Nicholas // Jul 2, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Great 100% honest review, Dave.

    You nailed it down the way it is.

    I wrote questions to them too with no response.

    A much better product is Paul Prissick’s
    Underground Local Formula based on local site leasing the way it really works.


  • 2 Eva Green // Oct 6, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    very interesting read – for sure. I think I’m still a “newbie” but I’m an experienced marketer – offline that is. I spent most of my life in sales. I have “Tyler” – actually Chris M. program too, but let me organize my response – Even though I have over 10 sites hosted by hostgator – I didn’t mind, because I couldn’t follow the directions of installing 60 sites on hostgator – so…Brain Host. not a single issue – they’ve been very accommodating – no force about any upsells. Tyler is not the only one forcing..that host on you Bill McRae just sold me on the “above the matrix – i wanted to try it especially since he offered to create the first site for free…Awesome!! not so fast..In order to get the freebie, not only did I HAVE to buy the domain name through them but also the hosting. I went to Bill’s support desk and twice…yes TWICE they closed the ticket on me without ever getting back to me. Now tell me about customer service -I’ve unsubscribed from McRae’s emails. I call that a real scam. Tyler’s customer service sucks – no doubt, but I did get a response from him – eventually, under his real name, and he reminded me to follow the program and not do anything different – hmmm – in the meantime, because i saw several of his member’s site ranking, but if I would have wanted to lease a space on them – I would not have known how – all fake numbers. So I decided to do a word press site (above) and set it up like a brokerage “office” check it out. I have all of the links on that page – a video etc. Obvioulsy, I’m not taking that down. I also got my own google places – not sure yet, but I may add all of the links to that. I have all of t hem (clickable) on my WP site, so anyone can see them. I am offering a Googles places with every ad placement. I have Paul’s P. programs as well – and I do call if ad spaces as Paul recommends. Each time I rent one out – I will personalize the the site with an about us article – adding more SEO, including linking it to the business’s website if they have one. Each one of the un-rented sites have my net space broker link and a toll-free number for contacting me. I have several articles on my WPsite explaining “what this is all about”. I don’t have all of the videos submitted yet either, but I syndicate them to a large number of video channels. So far Google has not taken anything down. My suspicion is that the sites floating around google’s first pages caused a stir. I could not believe it myself – how stupid. Tyler said to me…they just haven’t “gotten” to them yet. Hmm.. Nope – don’t buy that. I do agree that there are a few disconnects, but don’t believe there is anything sinister about trying to get some affiliate or resell money from hosting -that doesn’t bother me – that would be really cheesy (since more than one other person does that as well. i buy my domain names with bustAname.com and I still have hostgator as my main host. There are plenty of subdomains like .inbumspotlocalarea.com – just think of .blogspot.com – .weebles.com – .wordpress.com and so on – that can’t be it. All of Tyler’s sites are SEoptimized with the videos backlinking. I have done the same with private client’s sites and my own sites, and it works perfectly. It works like a charm. Everytime I need a bit of a push – I make a little animoto video and next day I got it. So – I think that there are some snags, but I also think – the bones are awesome. There are so many more ways this can be marketed – you can give a site away – to someone at the chamber of commerce – have them talk about it – BNI – they will talk about it – 1st month free – “free” google places – yeah I charge for set up/personalizing – you bet. I am running this like a publishing/advertising company. Most people have trouble ranking anything – don’t blame it on Tyler(Chris or whoever) $34 bucks REALLY! You know his program’s closed to the public right? Forever – There are so many shitty programs out there and shitty little traps like McRae “free” deal – that’s one guy who always falls an inch short of promises. I take Tyler’s program and run with it – thanks – over McRae’s which just p…s me off.

  • 3 Gerald Greene // Oct 7, 2011 at 3:03 am

    I purchased this product a year ago as it was one of my first product purchases from clickbank. I had no problems with the hosting which was with hostgator at the time. The problem was that the concept just didn’t seem to fit/pan out in the area where I live. I contacted Tyler, and he said that my domain area was correct. But with the people I contact for at least 12 of the 43 businesses, only 3 replied back to me (2 by phone). The website looked too cheap I guess. But I personally feel that when people want to check for a business online, they all will use google & will find what they’re looking for in their respective area. I don’t see people using yellowpages online or even superpages online.. Well, my first clickbank/online business experience..lol I’ve come along way since then..

  • 4 Kurtis // Oct 23, 2011 at 1:42 am

    Hi Gerald I think the point is that Google picks up on the Yellow Pages/other listing directories and you rank highly in Google, not the directories…so when the people put in the local search they need your ad comes up with a phone number. Did you get any sites to rank well? The issue I’m having a hard time getting past is doesn’t Google penalize cookie cutter sites as duplicate?

  • 5 K.Baker.M // Mar 29, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Thank you Dave for your honest Review
    you saved us time and MONEY :)



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