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7 Tips To Grow Your Affiliate Income

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7 Tips To Grow Your Affiliate Income
By Susanne Myers

Try the Product

Before you start to promote something as an affiliate, go the extra mile and try the product. You can either ask the owner for a review copy, or just buy it and try it out. Then write an honest review of the product including the good as well as the bad. Your articles, emails and messages will be more convincing if you actually have some personal experience with the product you’re selling.

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Undercover Commissions Review

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Product: Undercover Commissions
Author: Matt Bacak
Site: www.UndercoverCommissions.com

What is it?

Undercover Commissions teaches you how to get massive traffic ultra fast using a little-known, under-used traffic source.  It’s not a “secret” per se, but most Internet Marketers tend to focus on the most talked about sources of traffic and therefore miss out on this gem. I won’t reveal it here, in fairness to Matt, but I will tell you it’s paid traffic.  With that said, Matt shows you how to get it for pennies (and it’s not PPC).

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Common SEO Mistakes

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Think You Are Creating These Prevalent SEO Mistakes?

SEO is one area nearly anyone using a web business or blog is aware of. The idea of SEO is very simple having the highest possible search engine ranking on the major search engines so that you will secure the 1st chance at the sought after blog traffic. As easy-to-follow as the theory is, and at the same time quick as the most prevalent strategies of generating SEO success are, a wide range of website and blog managers are rendering critical problems that will cost them a whole lot in time and effort.

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Clickbank 60 Day Refund Policy Actually 6 Month Policy?

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I received shocking news today.  Apparently Clickbank.com’s 60 day refund policy (as we all know and understand it) does not apply to subscriptions.

I just received a refund notice for 2 month’s subsription fees (today, June 16, 2011) for a product that was intially purchased in October, 2010!  I thought there must have been an error in this, so I contacted Clickbank via live chat.  A “Blanca” replied saying that the last 2 month’s fees (60 days worth) were refunded.

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Net Space Profits Review – The Ugly Truth!


Review of Net Space Profits by Tyler Ericsson
Price $34

I recently purchased this product because of it’s massive potential and uniqueness for making money helping small businesses. Everything sounded great on the website and based on my years of marketing experience, the business model looked sound.

But very quickly after accessing the information and training, I discovered a greedy “catch” along with additional ‘negatives’ that you MUST be warned about.

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