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Post Launch Profits Secrets Video Review

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Today, Alex Jeffreys launches his follow up to “Post Launch Profits” called “Post Launch Profits Secrets“. 

It’s a unique twist in ebook marketing.  PLP was about how Alex turned a familiar drop off in sales after the launch of his first info-product into a very handsome cash-flow. 

He gave PLP away for free.  With PLP Secrets, Alex reveals how giving away the first ebook earned him over $78,000!  It’s an audio interview format with Michael Cheney asking the questions and providing some interjections.

And what do you think Alex is asking from you to download PLPS?  You guessed it — $0!  I wonder why?  Well if the first one produced 78 grand, it’s worth Alex’s time to give the next one away too. 

So how can he do this?  Simple..  by putting a special offer in front of you.  All things said, all OTO’s aren’t crap.  I’ve already received access to the package and the OTO and I’m extremely satisfied with the value I’ve received!  Especially with his brand new List Building Coaching Videos. 

I’ve been around the block more than a few times and I work from home as a full time Internet marketer, so I’m probably a little more critical than those who do not have my experience when reviewing these things, but I was impressed with this 2nd release.  More so than the first, actually.  Because it reveals the blueprint for turning a free ebook into mega-profits. 

#1 – it proves it can be done

#2 – Alex gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how you can do it too.  Naturally, it takes alot of work.  But “news flash”, if you’re going to make money online or offline, it takes alot of work.  And that’s especially true if you’re just getting started!

Instead of writing a novel here, I’ve created a short video to give you a look at the members area to let you know what you’re in for, if you choose to grab “the bells and whistles”: 

Click Here To Get Your Copy

“Knowledge is Power!”





Post Launch Profits Secrets Review

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