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Quick And Easy Content Site Profits

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A lot of people are making a lot of money off of content sites these days. Content sites are simply just nice looking sites with content on them. If you can use a WYSIWYG editor, and write a short article, you can build a content site.

They do take a lot of work though!

One way that you can quickly and easily build content sites is to use RSS feeds. Many people are against using RSS feeds for content for their sites because of the duplicate content filters. However, there are tools out there that you can use so that duplicate content isn’t an issue.

By adding RSS feeds to your site, you have instant content. You can search for niche RSS feeds on thousands up thousands of topics, and find a few that are related to the niche that your site is related to. You don’t want to use just any RSS feed. Make sure that the RSS feed will put relevant ads on your content site.

Here’s the “down and dirty steps” to creating a content site using nothing but RSS feeds.

1. Pick your niche

2. Find RSS feeds by searching RSS feed directories, article sites, and blogs. Make sure that you do have the right to use the feed though. Some sites don’t want you to use their RSS feed.

3. Use an RSS aggregator to turn your RSS feeds into code that you can place into your website.

4. Build your site and place the code your RSS aggregator generated and place that on your site to fill it up with content. Add other resources to your site to make it look nice and add value to your visitor.

There’s a lot more that goes into it, but that’s the basics. I can’t cover the exact “how to’s” in this post, but you can get a free step-by-step video tutorial from http://www.davidlovelace.com/rssprofits.html that will show you have to do all the above and more!

Once you’ve got your content site setup, you’ll want to monetize it in some way. Be it Adsense, YPN, other PPC networks, selling links and/or ads, affiliate programs, etc.

http://www.davidlovelace.com/rssprofits.html also covers the monitization aspects of building these easy content sites too. I highly recommend that you head over there right now, and grab the free video tutorial. There’s no catch. It really is a free video tutorial. You’ll get the full tutorial, all the resources, and more and it wont cost you a dime!

Okay, that’s it for this “how to” post. I hope I’ve shed some light on content sites for you. There’s no better time than now to get started…

Resource: http://www.davidlovelace.com/rssprofits.html


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