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I Got My Revenge!

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I got my revenge!

Yep, a few years back, I got “even” with my former (offline) boss & j.o.b. 

Worst job I ever had.  It paid the most “dough”, but I paid a higher price MUCH too long for that “dough”.

I can fondly remember how I felt when I turned the tables..

Oh how sweet it was. For the first time *I* was the one who had the power.

Not my boss, not the company, not the CEO!  All 100% me.

I held all the cards. I wasn’t a “slave” to them anymore!

You know how it is.. you work in “fear” and it bonds you like handcuffs to your job. 

In other words, you are forced to act in a certain way, not speaking your mind, being a “yes man” or “yes woman” when you really want to say “He## No”!

You know what I mean?

sometimes you really want to say..

“Are you out of your mind?  You want me to take on MORE responsibility for the same lousy pay (or less)?!  You’ve got to be joking”

Hey, we’ve all experienced it.  Right?

And geez, God forbid you have an emergency or you get sick or need the day off, what a royal pain in the a## it is to get that day off.

You need “permission” and an act of God to get that day off.  And typically you’re forced to take a vacation day!  Ugh!  C’mon! 

Here’s another scenario..

Don’t know about your situation, but I worked with some real a-holes. One in particular got away with anything and everything.  He screwed up often, yet I got the “heat” from the customer because I was the rep. I had to answer for everyone else’s slack and carelessness!  That got old real quick!

Anyway, the point is..

We have to “take it” and bite our lip (to a point).  Otherwise, we stand to lose it all.  If we do and say what’s
really fair, or on our minds, we could be replaced and *then* what?

But my day came! 

I’m talking about the day when I removed the “hand cuffs”and the “fear”.

Imagine being able to walk into work one day knowing that you didn’t HAVE to be there.  You didn’t have to kiss anyone’s butt anymore. 

Imagine being in a position of having the “upper hand”; of having the Ace up your sleeve!

That’s what happened to me. I was finally in a position that I didn’t HAVE to take “crap” from anyone, period.  And that included a couple of clients who thought they could bull-doze over me and hand me their
verbal abuse whenever they wanted.

NO more!

I didn’t put up with it anymore. I didn’t have to.  I had no fear.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about discovering the secret to making my entire annual offline salary..

..in only 10 days – online!

After I made this discovery and had that kind of dough in my bank account, I had a very different
outlook on life.  Wouldn’t you?

So what did I do?

I didn’t quit my j.o.b immediately.  Here comes the “evil” part (whoo ha ha!)..

I wanted to have a little fun and turn the cards.  For 2-3 months, I accepted their paycheck and insurance coverage as a bonus.  It was just gravy.

I did very little work and accepted their pay for doing next to nothing!

It was sweet revenge!

Want yours?

If I can do it, YOU can do it.

How would you like to walk into work and get your own sweet revenge?

You can.

And the way to do that, is to follow the blueprints that others have used to quit the rat race, quit their crappy jobs, tell their bosses to “shove it” and transform their lives. 

Wouldn’t you want to get your hands on this kind of powerful info?

Here’s how..

A few weeks back, I was invited to share my story, along with 14 other “underground” 6-figure marketers who left the “rat race” behind to make thousands online.

And starting today, you can “steal” our blueprints for success and copy them.

I highly encourage you do take a look at what’s waiting for you on the other side of this link.


Do it now! 

This may be the best decision you’ll ever make. 



Rat Race Annihilation

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