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The Reality of Quitting Your Job in 90 days

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I’m adding a guest article to the blog today from a fellow marketer, Tony Shepherd.  I like Tony and I know you’ll appreciate what he has to say about the reality of quitting your offline job.   As always, please feel free to leave your comments.



The reality of Quitting Your job in 90 days to work full-time online

– by Tony Shepherd

© Tony Shepherd


I’ll say right here and now that I DIDN’T manage to quit my job and go full time online in 90 days…

It actually took me 97!

And that was from the point that I actually put my mind to it and said ‘OK – this is it – playing for keeps and no looking back!’

The secret to managing to quit your job and go full time into your own internet marketing business is down to two things:

1. Determination

2. Having a ‘system’ in place.

I can’t give you the first one – that’s up to you.

It’s like quitting smoking. You try so many times using various methods, props and crutches, but the time you actually succeed in quitting is the time you finally decide to just DO IT.

So if you want to quit your job, the determination part is up to you I’m afraid.

But the SYSTEM that you’ll need to have in place – that all successful marketers have in place, to a greater or lesser degree is up to you.

Basically you need to install an ‘automatic process’ in your business that converts leads into subscribers, and subscribers into buyers.

And best of all it’s pretty easy to put into place.

For example you could offer a free report, then push your prospects through a sales funnel where they’re given options based on their needs and wants.

It should include upsells (they’ve bought one thing from you so why not just add a complimentary product to the basket)

And if they’re not interested in that product and decide to leave your site, maybe another of your products would be more suited to them.

You might have heard marketers talk about ‘the sales funnel’

But did you know that most marketers leave PILES of money on the table by not thinking about the process from their customer’s point of view?

For example if you’ve just subscribed to a newsletter to receive a free report, you’re less likely to spend $997 on a coaching program.

But the same prospect might well be interested in a DVD telling them how to build a simple blog and profit from it within 30 days, especially if it’s priced at $27, and advertised as a ‘subscriber only discount’

There’s a very real art to building your system.

And the best way of all is to subscribe to other marketers lists, and to see how they do it….

If you like an idea you can use it yourself, and if something makes you angry or you feel like they’re just out to take your money, you know to avoid that idea when you build your own system.

The secret is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Too few marketers actually do this.

Good luck.


Tony Shepherd has just put togther a blueprint for building your own online system.   For a VERY short time click here to get this for free (actual value $97)

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