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Are You The Reason Why You’re Failing To See Success Online?


A couple of months back, I recommended to my subscribers an opportunity to get private label rights to a membership site.   Membership sites are sometimes referred to as the “perfect” business model. Why?

The answer is simple.  For the same effort it takes to get a customer to spend money with you once, you can get them to spend money with each and every month!

Before I get to the “failing” part of this story.  Let me explain further..

Membership sites require content each month.  You can do this manually or with the right kind of software you can upload the content in advance and have it “drip fed” to your members on auto-pilot. So you could gather all the content for a year (12 times) and upload it all at once and let it work for you.

The membership site I recommended had all of this taken care of.  All of the content was done.  The system was automated.  All that was required was the uploading of the site to one’s hosting account.  Then just drive traffic.

Here comes the “failing” part.

Soon after recommending this, a subscriber sent me an email asking why I was promoting something “knowing” that 99% of memberships fail. 


So just because a portion of the population who build membership sites don’t succeed, then we all should accept this as “norm” and throw our hands up and shout “membership sites are a scam.  They don’t work.  Run for your life.  You’re GOING to fail!”

Here’s a fact for you.

Only 1% of those marketing online are making real money!  So 99% are not.  Guess we should all throw in the towel NOW.  Right?

OR.. should we try to model after the successful people who ARE making money in their business? 

News flash: You’re probably going to fail your first time out!  The way you handle that failure is the true test.  It’s up to YOU.  Not the results of “Average Joe” marketer or even “Guru Joe” marketer.  No one’s perfect.  And just because you see someone as an expert or “guru” doesn’t mean they’re immune to failure.

So to use the lame excuse that “mr. guru” has failed at ______________ (fill in the blank) means most people are going to fail is absurd!!

Are You The Reason You’re Failing?

Only you can answer that.  But your answer must be honest.  If your mindset is like the individual mentioned in this post, then YES, you’re the reason you’re failing. 

Look, the odds are against you.  End of story.  The odds are against me too.   Your success is not guaranteed! 

Review these two questions:

“Even the gurus are failing at _________, so why are you telling us to consider this business model?”

“Even the gurus and all of his guru buddies are making money with this, so I’m going to make money with it too.”

Two opposite scenarios.  Both have the same answer.  You are NOT guaranteed success regardless of who’s having success and who’s not having success with a specific business model.   Just because John Brown is failing, doesn’t mean YOU will.  And vice versa..  Just because Sue Smith is succeeding doesn’t mean YOU will.

But if anyone has already proven that something works, then it’s possible for someone else to see positive results too.  Again it’s “possible”, but not guaranteed. 

And NO you cannot blaim the gurus or any other individual who you listen to for your lack of success.  Yes, I know you’re getting bombarded with information overload.  But how do you handle it?  Are you taking ACTION on anything?  Or jumping from this to that and back to this and never giving anything 100%?!

Making money online is a business and has to be treated like one.  Do you have the “business” mindset?  Do you accept responsibility for your own actions?  Do you hold yourself accountable?  Do you have goals?  Do you have a written plan of action? 

Are you ready to rise above the rest?  In other words, and most importantly, are you prepared to do what you DON’T WANT to do?   That means actually taking action on something that you’ve dreaded doing or haven’t wanted to do, but knowing if you actually did it, your business would grow and you would start seeing success.

Stop complaining about the statistics!  Are you a follower?  Or a leader?   Like the former CEO of Chrysler said, “Lead, follow.. or get out of the way”.

I created a free report called Information Overload that addresses the “internet fog” and how to get out of it.  It includes a worksheet that will help you find direction and a starting place.  I highly suggest you download this right away if you’re feeling lost or stuck.

 If I’ve hit a nerve in this article and you realize that you need to change your mindset and start rising above the crowd, the do something about it.  Today. 

Reality check

It’s true that you may not see fast results.  Patience will be required.  Build your business one step at a time. 

For example, if you know you should be building a list, have you signed up for an autoresponder yet?  Why not?  Have you taking the training you’ve invested in regarding building an opt-in page and put it into action?  Or have you skipped past that believing there’s a “magic pill” that’s going to do this for you without any sweat equity required by you?

Therein lies the problem.   Too many people are looking for that pill.  And with every course, video, ebook, home study course that tells you work is required and time is needed.. it  just pushes you harder to uncover the “easier, faster” way.  Am I right?

Speaking of “easier, faster”.. yes there are resources that do some of this for you.  But it costs money.  But now you’re presented with another decision?  Do you want speed?  Or do you want free?  You either have time or money in this business.  Whatever your goals are; whatever your building blocks are, you need to identify them and make a list under each that reflect the training and tools required and which ones are free and which ones cost money.

If you have more time than money, then you need to focus on the items that require time.  You don’t have a choice.  But you MUST make that list and you MUST take action on that list.. daily!

If you’re failing, it’s time to take inventory on the reasons why.  A good place to start is by asking yourself, “am I the reason I’m failing?”

Don’t blame statistics.  Stop making excuses.  Start taking action. 

“100% of the shots you don’t take.. don’t go in!” – Wayne Gretsky

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