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Resell Rights Explained

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If you haven’t heard this before now, allow me..

If you really want to make real money on the Internet, you need a product of your own.  Think about it.  For the exact same amout of work that it takes you to sell an affiliate product for 30-50% of the profits, you could be selling your own product for 100% of the profits!

But I realize that not everyone is “ready” to take the leap to creating their own product from scratch.  So here’s the alternative to playing with the pros much sooner than you thought possible.

If you have no time to create your own products, no experience, you’re lazy or you simply want to get started with making money on the internet as soon as humanly possible.. then you can simply buy resell rights to a product.

What are resell rights?

With resell rights, sometimes referred to as resale rights, you have the right to sell a product and keep 100% of the profit for every sale you make  without having to share any royalty fees whatsoever with the original product creator.

The product creation process has been done for you by the original product author. Therefore, you don’t have to spend time, effort and money researching on the topic and demand, and creating the product, which you might or might not have the expertise to do so.

And typically, all of the sale material (web site and sales copy) are included.  You only have to focus on setting up your instant Internet business using the reseller materials provided by the product author and start marketing your new business site.

This is a huge time-saver for you as it basically allows you to start your own online business in under a day…in fact, it can take as little as an hour!

But the real key to profiting from resell rights is putting a profit system in place, before you launch your marketing campaign, that allows you to not only profit on the front end (from the first sale), but also from additional sales in the future.  And the beauty is.. you can do this an auto-pilot. 

You can do this by having a system in place to make additional sales while the customer is in the buying mood.  McDonald’s used to call it, “biggie sizing”.  It’s an upsell.  How many times have you taken the upsell?

The same selling principle applies online.  But you don’t stop there.  You want to get your customer in a database compiled of customers who have spent money with you.  Why?  Because they will spend money with you again.  So in essence, you’re turning 1 sale into many.

But you can’t put a system in place without a starting point.  And that’s a product (aka, something to sell). And with resell rights, you’re giving yourself a huge time-saving short cut.
If you’ve been scared off of the prospect of making money online because you don’t think there’s room in the market for you, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Just keep in mind that most people NEVER do anything with the information they’ve received.  So if you separate yourself from the “room” by actually applying lessons learned, then you just made a big hole for you to fill in the market. 

To learn more about resale rights products and how you can setup your own money-making profit funnel system in just seven days, visit http://www.resellrightsbootcamp.com/success.htm?Friend 

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  • 1 Trevor P. Boys // Sep 11, 2008 at 7:12 am

    This is enormously helpful information which lessens the fear to which many “newbies” like myself are prone to experience. Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights and Resell Rights can all seem overwhelming unless simple explanation like David’s is available.

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