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Review: Affiliate Cash Secrets vs Affiliate Silver Bullet


Two Internet marketing services are available to marketers who want an immediate short cut to building and profiting from email opt-in lists.

One launched in 2007. The other launched in Jan 2008. Both are quality services by two well-known programmers and marketers, Derrick VanDyke (Affiliate Cash Secrets) and Dustin Struckman (Quick Pay Pro and Affiliate Silver Bullet).

I’m a member of both of these services and have made some comparison notes to include the Pros and Cons of each for your review.

Affiliate Cash Secrets – by Derrick VanDyke

Cost: $37 a month

30 day guarantee


– Pre-made professional text squeeze pages with brandable content/reports

– Copy-n-paste follow up emails

– Incentive pre-sell page after registration (offers a bonus to subscriber for ordering affiliate product)

– Doesn’t require hosting your own squeeze pages!

– Affiliate program pays 50% residual commission per referral per month

– Support will help you setup your autoresponder account within 24 hours. A Big “Plus”

– Extensive step by step training modules to get you up and running including 14 Traffic Generation video tutorials! A Big “Plus”

– Tracking for your opt-in campaigns.

– Includes a hosted Affiliate Organizer script/area where:

* You can store the Affiliate Program Name
* You can store the Affiliate Program login URL
* You can store the Affiliate Program User name
* You can store the Affiliate Program Password
* You have a one-click link to the login URL to check your stats
* You can store comments on the Affiliate Program
* You can store how much you get paid
* You can store when you get paid
* You can store the Vendors Contact name
* You can store the Vendors Contact email address

=> See a sample ACS squeeze page at http://www.7dayprofitplan.com


– Format of site changes often without warning.

– Follow up emails are generally the same for each campaign

– Does require that you have a third party autoresponder account (additional $19.95/mo)


Affiliate Silver Bullet – by Dustin Struckman (see 2010 update below)

Cost: $37 a month (see 2010 update below)

56 day day guarantee


– Pre-made professional video squeeze pages

– 10 squeeze page systems each month

– Pre-sell mini pages (2 pages of content that answers questions the visitor may have. No hard sell)

– 5 pre-written follow up emails – good sales copy (no need to copy and paste anything, the messages are done for you)

– If you don’t want to use Aweber (see CONS), the ASB system will automatically follow up for you. Your affiliate CB ID is tagged in all follow up messages

– Affiliate program pays 50% per referral per month

– Easy to setup. Just upload 2 files to your server.

– Optionally, you can use ASB’s hosted squeeze pages (updated March 2008)

=> See a sample video squeeze page at http://davidlovelace.com/asb/unlimitedtraffic/


– Only setup to use Aweber.com autoresponder service

– If you don’t use Aweber, you don’t own the list.

– No training (as of Jan. 5, 2008)

– Requires knowledge of uploading files to your own domain/host


Either service will provide you with a quality service and provide a quick shortcut to getting a proven system in place for building and profiting from an opt-in email list.

The big selling points for Affiliate Silver Bullet (ASB) is the video squeeze page, unique pre-sell content pages, and the content-filled follow up emails.  The pre-sell page and followup email sales copy should convert more visitors into buyers.

Big selling points for Affiliate Cash Secrets (ACS) – you don’t have to have a hosting account to use the system. Derrick’s unique linking and tracking system tags your ID

You can use ASB without having to pay more than $37 each month, but you DON’T have control of the list for future follow ups on your own (outside of ASB’s follow ups on your behalf). However, this may not be a huge “road block” for newcomers who aren’t ready to take the step of managing an autoresponder database just yet, but do want to start generating some extra cash.

With ACS, you don’t have the option of having them follow up for you. So you must pay the additional autoresponder costs each month which equates to approx. $19.95 more for a total $49.95 monthly.

Side Note: At some point, you’re going to want to get serious about marketing and get your own autoresponder account. And Aweber is highly recommended for serious marketers. Aweber is compatible with both ACS and ASB. The difference is.. ACS is compatible with multiple autoresponder services. I would expect ASB add additional autoresponder options in the near future to better serve their members. But I haven’t heard any feedback regarding that as of yet.

Also note that both services are designed to promote the top Clickbank.com marketplace digital products so you can expect your average commissions to be at 50% and up.

These type of marketing systems are the exact systems that the top marketers and super affiliates are using right now to pull above average online income. If you’re trying to re-invent the marketing wheel, stop! Start copying success and put this system into place, whether you create your own (if you’re an experienced marketer), or you choose to take advantage of shortcut services like these.

UPDATE April 28 2010

Affiliate Cash Secrets is no more.

Affiliate Silver Bullet now has new owners (Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye) and the program is now offered through Clickbank.  ASB membership is now $47 per month.

While they have retained the “done for you” system (as described above) which is perfect for newbies who are not ready to get an autoresponder and dive into email marketing and want ASB to do all of the marketing for them.. they’ve also added a MUCH needed option for those who want full control over the list!

For the first time, you can use their push button technology to easily generate your own auto responder form and have it automatically added to your own customized video squeeze page with a single mouse click! This way you’ll be building your own list… Be in full control over your leads and can mail them as often as you like!

Bottom line, you now have a CHOICE. Control the list yourself, or let someone else do it for you. Now ASB is flexible for both newbies and more experienced marketers alike.

If I had to start all over from scratch online? This is what I would use ASAP to get the profit ball rolling until I could move past the learning curve do I could do it myself. High recommended!

Click Here To Learn More About The NEW Affiliate Silver Bullet

I hope you’ve found this review and comparison helpful. Leave your feedback and/or questions in the comment section


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  • 1 Bill // Jan 5, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    Thanks for the review!
    Nice Job.

  • 2 Dave Lovelace // Jan 6, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Thanks Bill. Please visit again.


  • 3 Reeder // Feb 2, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    I realize this is not a forum but thought perhaps this post / comment might generate some thoughtful response from you. I would definitely be interested in your reply. Your blog seems to be filled with good information so probably the answer to many of my questions are found within the information you have already posted. I shall dig deeper.

    I’ve just subscribe to the ACS free portion of the program.

    I am a complete newbie to the internet marketing arena, but know sales is where the serious money is found. Have been a self-employed finish carpenter / remodeler since the early 70’s; so have a solid feel for customer service and marketing my own skills.

    One of my greatest problems is not KNOWING at the heart level / spirit level, who to listen to so I can quite listening to all the other voices crying for my attention. I feel so “scattered” like a shot gun rather than a rifle.

    How does one go about finding that person he feels can be trusted with his time and resources? It is so easy to spend exorbitant amounts of energy, time and money on many seemingly good products but when all is said and done there is no real fruit to be seen from the efforts or dollars spent.

    Part of my frustration is I’ve no idea how to begin or get started in a direction that will bear a profit.

    Having someone that could start me at the beginning and walk with me through this maze called internet marketing would be wonderful. Getting a grasp of at least some of the intricacies, so a profit could be realized, willing I would be to lay all the others aside and concentrate on that one.

    My expectations are realistic, a fortune is not the motivating goal, making a living on line is. $50,000.00 the first year does not seem unrealistic to me based upon most of what I’ve read from many of the people who are supposed to know what they are talking about. However, exaggerating ones capacity is probably “a norm” on the internet, so my mind is left with a cynical taste and that is not a comfortable place to visit or live.

    At present Roy Carter has a program that is supposed to be teaching me how to create my own product. It is 6 weeks long – one lesson per week. Found him on Rosalind Gardner’s Affiliate Marketing forum so felt he could be trusted. Pure speculation; I like so many before me, have chosen to purchase MANY products, yours included, but find it hard to pursue the programs to a conclusion. With some training and know-how I feel quite confident that creating my own product or information page(s) is more than “do-able”. Just need to know what needs to be known.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.


    Reeder Lyons

  • 4 Patrick Louis // Feb 11, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    “- If you don’t want to use Aweber (see CONS), the ASB system will automatically follow up for you. Your affiliate CB ID is tagged in all follow up messages”

    Do they follow up continuously with more than the 5 email series and still embed our aff id?

  • 5 Dave Lovelace // Feb 12, 2008 at 3:11 pm


    No, they end at 5. The process used by ASB is really big on pre-selling, which provides content immediately after the opt-in and in the followup emails that follow. No hard selling.

    It’s a great system for starting a relationship with your new subscribers. You’ll get off on the right foot. But that’s why I suggest that if you’re going to do this.. you MUST invest in an autoresponder service like Aweber (if you don’t have one already)!

    Your goal is to build your own list, not someone else’s.

    An UPDATE. I’m told by Dustin that he plans on adding additional autoresponder support other than Aweber very soon, and plans on including some traffic generation training too.

    Thanks for your post.


  • 6 Dave Lovelace // Feb 12, 2008 at 3:28 pm


    It sounds like you have a major case of “Information Overload”. I’m certain you will benefit from my mini-report, “Cure For Info Overload”.


    Includes a worksheet to help you overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from completing your tasks.

    Regarding $50k your first year. It’s been done, but it’s not the “norm”. It starts with the first dollar, then grows from there.

    If you want to make $50k this year, you’ll want to do the math. That’s $4,166 each month.

    How many products to you need to generate $4,000 (rounded down) each month?

    Let’s just say you’re selling an average priced ebook at $27. That’s 454 ebooks that you will need to sell each month!

    Granted, you will want to mix in some higher priced sales during that month to lessen that number. But this will give you an idea.

    Now, the real factor is how much traffic you’ll need to send to your site that converts to 454 sales.

    Consider that the average conversion rate is 2%, you’ll need 20,000 targeted visitors each month to get over 400 sales.

    If you have money to spend, then PPC is the fastest method of getting traffic to your site, but it’s not for the beginner.

    The next best thing is Joint Venture marketing. That’s what I use to create fast, targeted traffic and sales. So I’m going to tell you to learn what you can about JV marketing!

    You can get a free crash course at http://www.6figuremarketing.com

    How many JV partners do you need to endorse your product to get 450 sales?

    Depends on their list size. But if you get 4 JV partners with list sizes of 5,000 each who agree to endorse your product, then it’s very possible to achieve your goal.

    But it will take work and lots of work. But the payoff can be huge.

    First things first, go download my Cure For Info Overload guide.

    Hope this helps!


  • 7 peko // Mar 22, 2008 at 12:33 am

    hi dave,
    very good review on the comparision. I just found affiliate silver bullet got very excited by claim its all setup for you 100% automated but then it hints that you need to setup traffic hits.
    Then I found your review of ASB which further shocked me to discover that you have to have own domain host for upload requirement which isn’t disclosed on website. Now I think the ASB fully automated setup is just false claims thanks to your helpful review.

  • 8 Dave Lovelace // Mar 22, 2008 at 10:08 am


    Thanks for visiting.


    Since this post, ASB has made some changes.

    You now have the option of having them host the sites for you! So you don’t have to worry about uploading.

    Dustin also tells me that he’s planning on adding additional autoresponder support. But if you do not have an autoresponder yet, the service that ASB is setup for (Aweber.com) is an excellent choice.

    Regarding traffic. I agree that the “automated” aspect goes a little overboard on the sales page and can be mis-leading, so I understand how you may believe that they generate the traffic too.

    What Dustin is really trying to say (and isn’t on the web page regarding traffic) is that when those you refer cancel, they’re not deleted from the system. And any traffic that they refer from that point is split between them and you 50/50.

    But don’t rely on that or expect it to be anything to speak of.

    Otherwise, understand that no site like this will offer to generate traffic for you. Although there are services that will do so for a nice fee. So with respect, always assume that generating traffic will be up to you.

    If you need training on generating traffic, I’m releasing WebsiteTrafficBootcamp.com in a few weeks that will provide you with 14 step by step video coaching sessions for driving traffic to any site. Bookmark the page and check back soon.

    Thanks again for visiting.


  • 9 Jack // Mar 25, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the fine review. Being practically a “newbie”, I’ve got a couple of questions. I’ll probably end up buying both products, but my questions are about ASB.

    I’ve managed to get my site up with one product, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make sub-domains so I can add more products. Also, I don’t know how to add pages, such as a “squeeze” page to my site, and I am concerned that my level of “expertise” would rule out using ASB if it requires these skills. Unless, they have in depth video tutorials showing how this is done. Is this available at this time, or should I wait to see what develops in the future? Also, if the system requires uploading to my website, I would need some detailed training to handle the FTP. Is this available with the purchase, or isn’t it a problem the way they have it set up?

    Any advice you can give me will be appreciated. Thank you.


  • 10 Dave Lovelace // Mar 25, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Hi Jack,

    Good news. ASB now has a hosted option. So you don’t have to upload anything. You’ll receive your own url to the hosted pages.


    ACS also provides hosted versions. But I like Affiliate Silver Bullet’s extensive pre-sell content, the video squeeze page, and the content in the followup series a little better than ACS.

    But you could give both a 30 day test drive to see which you prefer.

    Regarding setting up sub-domains. Are you using Cpanel? The hosting companies that use Cpanel typically have video tutorials that show you how to set those up.

    If yours doesn’t, here’s a site that you can browse: http://www.cpanel.net/products/cpwhm/cpanel11/tutorials.html

    Scroll down till you see “sub domains”

    Thanks for the comments.


  • 11 Epiphany // Apr 5, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    Thanks for the fabulous review! It really helped me understand the differences between the systems :-)

  • 12 ido // Apr 13, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Hi everyone, I signed up for ASB and found that it was not for me, after submitting a support ticket through the member area they refunded the $37 memebership fee, as well as the $97 JV member upgrade which I also purchased. I just wanted to say this is not a scam and 2 thumbs up to Mr. Struckman for keeping his word on letting us try this one out for FREE!!

    PS: sending an email to customer service didn’t seem to help, but after submitting a support ticket through the member area everything worked out very fast.

  • 13 Michael // Apr 17, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    Hi Dave;
    I feel an overwhelming need to let you know this has to be one of the finest product/service reviews on the web.
    I did not make that statement lightly.
    I make it a point to read reviews about everything of interest, to me that is.
    I have to say the points not covered in the review itself have been addressed within the comment area.
    I will be paying closer attention to you with great concern.


  • 14 Trevor White // Aug 9, 2008 at 3:16 am

    Hi Dave and thanks for the good info from your emails.

    I have been considering ASB and then found ACS review also, and am asking which is the best for me.

    I have a few sites already and am familiar with the process involved with uploading sites.

    What I’m wondering is, after trying to decipher the updates, can I host this on my own domains and would you suggest a domain, sub domain for each product or a general keyphrase domain, with /product.html to host these products.

    Can I assume these products are individual and not all on the same site?

    And can I use my Aweber account?

    Do the follow up emails come with the products so I can copy and paste into my Aweber?

    Please, one last question. Using my own host and Aweber, do I get the list, or ASB?

    Thanks again David for this informative review, Trevor White

  • 15 Dave Lovelace // Aug 9, 2008 at 9:55 am

    Hey Trevor.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.

    Let me try to answer your questions..

    Both ACS and ASB have changed (again).

    AS Bullet is no longer a recurring membership. You pay one time for 10 video squeeze page systems. Well worth the investment!

    I personally like ASB’s follow up and pre-sell content system much better than ACS. But with ASB, you’re not going to get the marketing
    training that you do with ACS.

    RE: which is the best for me?

    Based your skill level that you described, either is a fit. But since ASBullet is a one-time fee now (I think $37), I would suggest making an investment in both.

    ACS is going to give you step-by-step marketing lessons along with additional squeeze page and list building training each month that includes personal answers to questions. Plus, you’ll receive Derrick’s squeeze page system to upload to your own site.

    RE: can I use my Aweber account?

    Yes. No problem. Note: ACS allows you to use any autoresponder. But ASbullet is only setup for Aweber. So you’re good.

    RE: Do the follow up emails come with the products so I can copy and paste


    RE: Using my own host and Aweber, do I get the list, or ASB?

    You get the list, unless you choose to let ASB host the “bullets”. But you’re experienced enough and don’t want that option.

    RE: can I host this on my own domains


    RE: Would you suggest a domain, sub domain for each product or a general keyphrase domain, with /product.html to host these products.

    For advertising purposes, it’s great to have a separate domain name. But that can get costly if you’re advertising many squeeze pages. I’ve
    purchased domain names and used the “url forwarding” feature to send to my site where I’ve setup the squeeze page at mydomain.com/page.html

    But if you’re only going to focus on 2 or 3, then you should go that route.

    If you use a sub-domain such as keyword.yourdomain.com or just a simple yourdomain.com/keyword.html , you have to use a domain name that is appropriate. This could be yourname.com But you wouldn’t want hotrods4us.com/affiliate-marketing.html. :-)

    RE: Can I assume these products are individual and not all on the same site?

    You’re correct.

    Quick links to review both sites:



    Hope this helps,

    P.S. Here’s an affiliate “squeeze page” funnel system I setup: http://www.listprofitsformula.com using the url forwarding. You can get an idea of what I’m doing on that page. And if you subscribe, you can check out the follow up messages and the
    page redirect I use, etc. In fact, when you subscribe, I’ll give you a copy of that page.

  • 16 Trevor White // Aug 10, 2008 at 4:46 am

    Hey, thanks again Dave for the excellent info.

    When I first started out, it would take days and several emails usually, to get answers such as this.

    I’ll review some more and then try the product. I have a problem that holds me back, and that is I’ve got to get every thing perfect before I get going.

    I know this is damaging and am trying to over come this disability.

    I just gotta do it and adjust as I go.

    Anyway, it’s great to be part of your blog and receive all this and others valuable and usable information.

    Thanks, Trevor

  • 17 Char // Nov 24, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Excellent info! Thank you so much from a floundering newbie.

  • 18 Maxx11 // Oct 22, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Phew, am quite relieved i was way off. ,

  • 19 Hope // May 6, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Thanks for the excellent review with detailed and valuable information! With so many similar programs being offered, it was great to have your feedback comparing these two programs, both of which sound great!

  • 20 Dave Lovelace // May 6, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Thanks for leaving your comments. Glad you found this useful. ACS has expired now. But Affiliate Silver Bullet has been revived and re-launched. If you want more info on this affiliate model, click here for a replay of the free webinar held recently.


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