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Review: Ewen Chia Working From Home

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Date: April 21, 2008
Review: Ewen Chia’s Working From Home “3 Quick & Easy Ways To Make Money From Home.. On The Internet”

Working From Home Online


In this 43 page report (not including terms, introduction, and resources), Ewen explains 3 business models that have proven to generate an income online.

These are not secrets nor are they new strategies. But they are business models that work time and time again, year after year without fail. This is commonly referred to as “evergreen” strategies.

Who is this report for?

It is designed for “newbies” or Internet Marketing beginners who are looking for some guidance without all of the information overload that you get with many ebooks on the market.

The report gives an overview of each proven business model, but also goes a step further and provides some step by step (in order) tasks along with screen shots to help you understand the task. I liked this and found it very helpful.

I also found some of the resources scattered throughout the report quite useful for completing some of the tasks quickly. It’s one thing to tell someone “you need to do this…” but another to also tell them “here’s a tool you can access quickly to help you do the task”.

Additionally, 4 traffic techniques are included in this report. No sales are ever made without traffic. These are solid traffic strategies. Nothing “black hat”, no traffic exchange garbage, etc.


The bonus report, “How To Steal Others Work” will help you achieve important tasks, in record time, that tie your marketing system together. This will show you some shortcuts while proving that YOU don’t have to be the originator for everything in order to setup your online money making systems.

There is a surprise bonus. I don’t think Ewen would like for me to reveal that here. But I’ll say this. I loved them (yep, there’s 2). When I first started online, I used similar guides to help me turn browsers into buyers. This kind of info was a HUGE time-saving shortcut for me. And I know you’ll find them valuable too.


Only $9.97. At this inexpensive price, the report (and bonuses) are most definitely worth the investment for newbies.

NOTE – Price increases after April 28th


8 weeks. Product is sold via Clickbank.com So if you don’t agree with me or Ewen, getting a refund is simple and easy.


Yes, you’ll find one upsell. Of course, this is optional.. but well worth considering. Why?

Because you’ll be handed a turn-key system along with training to drastically speed up your time frame to producing profits. I love “turn key” systems. Especially when it comes from someone who’s extremely successful. Ewen’s million dollar success online as an entrepreneur and Super Affiliate are well known throughout the Internet Marketing field. I can tell you first hand and with confidence, that the methods Ewen teaches are solid and proven to work.

Plus, you also receive 8 weeks guarantee on this package too. So there’s no risk.


For the record, I don’t agree with the hypish “get rich from home” title.

Can you make alot of money with the systems and/or turn-key system being offered? Absolutely. And there are a LOT of people using these methods to work from home. Ewen’s made a fortune. But that doesn’t mean you’ll make a fortune. But your “fortune” may be different than the next guy. While an extra $1,000 a month could be a fortune to you, $10,000 a month could be a fortune to someone else. And this is very realistic. But when someone uses “get rich” in a product name, I’m a little turned off.

In this report, however, the content is not hype. The solid content doesn’t match the title! But the content is what you’re paying for afterall. So here’s my summary..

If you’re a complete newbie and have yet to make a dime online and/or you’re lost in a sea of “information overload”, then Ewen Chia’s Working From Home will give you some valuable direction, tips, and resources to get you making money online with 3 proven business models.

However, if you’re an experienced marketer who has been trained in the Internet Marketing arena, this report is not for you. You will already know most of this information. With that said, if you’re looking for an additional stream of income, you may want to consider taking Ewen’s Turn-Key package.

To get started or to learn more, go to WorkingFromHome.com now.

Hope this helps. I welcome your comments.


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