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Review: Joint Venture Seeker By Liz Tomey

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Liz Tomey’s Joint Venture Seeker 
Launch Date: Thursday, Feb. 28 2008

If you own an online business and provide an in-demand product or service, then it is critical that you understand and use Joint Venture Marketing to your advantage.

If you’re new to this marketing strategy, let me give you a quick definition in simple terms.  An online joint venture occurs when two businesses join forces to form a mutually profitable relationship. 

If your business is in the [tag-tec]Internet Marketing[/tag-tec] niche, then I’m sure you don’t have to be convinced of the power of Joint Ventures. 

I mean, you’ve seen the huge sales numbers thrown around, right?  For example, “Generated a million dollars in 24 hours!!”   “10 grand in the first hour!”, etc

While these kind of profits are very legitimate and primarily apply to the business of information marketing, the truth is, there’s a whole lot more to JVs than that!

Enter Liz Tomey’s Joint Venture Seeker.

I’ve had an advanced look inside this site that launches today (Feb 28) at 12:00 noon Eastern.

Joint Venture Seeker is a training site dedicated to training “the little guy” and those who want to move up in the ranks by taking their online sales to the next level by leveraging JV’s to build lists, create products, and make sales. 

[tag-tec]Liz Tomey[/tag-tec] is one heck of an example.

Her very first JV (for the first product she ever created) brought in $37,000 in just two weeks.   She describes that launch as “life changing,” as it would be for just about anyone.  Both she and her husband were able to stay at home with their 5 kids… and it literally set the foundation for their whole business.

Quite a story, huh?

Truth is, my first major Joint Venture project produced $36,000 in profits in 7 days.  So I know the value of this powerful strategy.   That’s why I wanted to check out Liz’s product Joint Venture Seeker first hand to see if it delivers (from an experienced marketer’s point of view).

What you won’t find inside..

You’re not going to be overloaded with a 200 page ebook that we both know will end up in the “digital dark hole” on your computer.

 If you get information overload, then Liz has wasted your time. 

What you will find..

You’re going to find an entire series of “look over my shoulder” on-screen video tutorials (10 to be exact) that take you through the entire process of introducing you to Joint Ventures, planning out your project, contacting partners, and carrying out your plan to the end.. step by step!  Get a free sneak peek video here

Liz speaks from experience, and it shows.  She’s worked with most of the top people in the Internet Marketing industry- and even got 8 of them to share their top secrets in a series of hard-hitting interviews so you can hear, first hand, the inside scoop on making your next Joint Venture a success.  Liz is providing the transcripts to these calls free of charge for those who prefer to read than listen to audios. 

You’re also going to receive some great bonus videos and audios to round out your education. 

(Inside Tip)

Liz is offering 2 unadvertised bonuses that are excellent.  I can’t give them away.  Or else they wouldn’t be “unadvertised” would they? 

Who will benefit from Joint Venture Seeker?

This is for the “little guy” and the moderately experienced who have yet to pursue Joint Ventures to build their business.  There is enough solid, proven instruction to give anyone a major shorcut to succeeding with Joint Venture Marketing.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that this strategy is for “gurus” and the ultra experienced marketer and business owner.  Joint Venture Seeker proves that’s simply not true.

Beginners will love this format of training and how Liz breaks down the process in simple, easy to understand terms!  I especially like Liz’s advice for people who have no list.  She did her first JV before she had a list, so she knows what she’s talking about! 


I think a lot of people try to get that “thud factor” by throwing together a ton of information on a topic… without really considering how people are going to use it.  That’s not the case here!

Liz has put together detailed workbooks that go along with the course, so you never feel like you’re lost.  I actually picked up two steps that I had left out of my JV process that will dramatically improve my results.

As you can see, I’m giving Joint Venture Seeker a lot of “Pros”. 

What about Cons?

The only con I could honestly come up with is one.  And that’s the need for broadband if you want to view these videos online.  Liz offers the videos in downloadable format.  But again, some files may be quite large and may not be suitable for those on dialup!


Here’s where I usually list the price under “Cons”.   I personally would expect to pay a minimum of $97+  for this kind of “coaching”.  I’ve actually paid $500 to learn Joint Venture Marketing strategies in the past.  But Liz believes in this so much and wants to help as many people as possible and is offering a huge discount for the first couple of weeks.  You’ll be extremely pleased with the value for your investment.  And it really is an investment. 

I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars and have built a list of proven buyers with zero advertising costs thanks to online Joint Ventures. 

So I know this works and I know that investing a measly $47 in Liz Tomey’s Joint Venture Seeker will pay you back 10 fold!

My personal Bonus when you order from this blog:

I’ll send you access to a 30 minute screen-cam video that I created that reveals my personal formula for finding Joint Venture partners and Super Affiliates.  This is a $97 value and is only available in a private membership site.  But I’ve posted the exclusive video on a private page.  And when you forward your receipt to me at http://www.davelovelacesupport.com I’ll send you the private access link!

Get it now.  It’s the smartest (and smallest investment, I might add) that you’ll ever make for this caliber of training!  Click here now for access to Joint Venture Seeker

Liz Tomey Joint Venture Seeker

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