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Review Michael Rasmussen Get More Buyers

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Michael Rasmussen’s “Get More Buyers” Video Course: Stuff Your List Full Of Buyers And Start Seeing Five and Six Figures..

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Ever wondered how online marketers can send an email and see $2,500 or $5,000 or even $25,000 or more flow right into their bank account?

Want to know the “real” secret to pulling this off?

The secret weapon these marketers have is a mailing list absolutely stuffed with buyers.  Who doesn’t want to get more buyers on their list?  Which would you rather have, a list of freebie seekers who will never spend a penny with you?  Or a list of buyers who have already proven to open up their wallets and spend money?

An obvious answer, right?  But how do you attract these buyers?

That’s where Michael’s course comes in.  But does it deliver?

Benefits To You

Michael hands you 10 practical strategies for attracting eager buyers. Actually, he’s showing you the way he built his own list.  Michael is legendary as a JV profit powerhouse.

I’ve personally reviewed the course and here’s what I can say with confidence… 

 First, the quality of the course is excellent.  The audio is professional and near studio quality, and the presentation makes the concepts completely clear.  All of the videos are in order by title.  So even if you want to view, or re-view, specific videos, you just point and click.  Super easy.

Here’s an overview of the course

  • He starts with a brief introduction to the common list-building mistakes people make when they’re just starting out online. This is not just “fluff” material.
  • He tells you how to create your own profit-pulling marketing “funnel”, even if you’re starting from scratch.
  • He also tells you the root cause of the two major challenges most people face…but then he goes one better. He tells you specifically how to crush those challenges.
  • He walks through 10 strategies for stuffing your list full of buyers. This is amazing material.

Here’s just a sample of what he covers:  

  1. The “magic” price that can get you buyers almost immediately if you’re selling your own product
  2. How to increase the profit you make on each sale by 50% of more, almost immediately, and with hardly any effort (it’s all about buyer psychology)
  3. How to “steal” buyers from other marketers, and actually have them thank you for it!

*If you’re in a hurry, visit http://www.getmorebuyers.com for full details about this video course


List-building books and courses are a dime a dozen.  Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you don’t. 

Michael’s course is $77.  But a WARNING.. this is an introductory price.  This is not a fake marketing tactic.  The price will increase.  So consider this.

Is it worth $77?   Look, the bottom line is.. what is it “worth” to you to shorten your learning curve and prevent wasting time and hard work on less effective methods?   You’re not investing in theory.  There’s no tired old advice that doesn’t work today.

He’s giving you real strategies that he uses himself, and that helped him create a list that routinely brings in five and six figures when he sends an email.

If you want results like that for yourself (and who DOESN’T, right?) then Michael’s “Get More Buyers” course will pay for itself.   


You get a full 60 days (2 months) to review this package.  That’s more than fair and plenty of time to decide if I’m full of crap with this review 😉  Ultimately, the ball is in your court.  But in my opinion, it’s 100% no-fluff content that’s more than worth 60 days of your time to say “maybe”


This is going to sound ironic that I’m calling this a negative, but there’s alot of content here.  Sometimes, getting too much content can create a case of information overload.  If you’ve purchased a huge home study course with 8 DVD’s and 6 manuals, etc, you know what I’m talking about.

When you get alot of content at once, you usually have to organize the information so that you can digest it.  But the good news is, Michael has taken that task out of the picture for you.

Much of the content is presented in bits and pieces through powerpoint presentations.  That’s less tiring on your eyes than sitting and reading a book!  And with each of the 10 strategies broken down into separate videos, PLUS the bonus “Battle Plan” PDF that breaks down these strategies into a workable plan, getting through this training is a breeze!

Side Note — with this much solid content, you’re going to quickly realize that you’ve received more than your investment’s worth. 


Some of the tactics revealed may not be new to you.  BUT you’ll see them in a new light.  You’ve probably witnessed other marketers using some of these methods, but you didn’t realize the true benefits from a business point of view.   Sometimes we get locked into seeing things from a consumer point of view and completely miss what’s going on around us.

Quote – “If you want to be successful, model after successful people!”

Michael has proven himself as a powerhouse marketer and super affiliate time and time again using the exact strategies in his Get More Buyers course.  

I’m VERY happy with this.  Check out the course for yourself by going to http://www.getmorebuyers.com

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Get More Buyers Bonus

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Step 2 – No need to send me your receipt!  I’ll send your membership login info to the email address from my Clickbank stats area.

That’s it.  Got questions?  Contact me at http://contactdavidlovelace.com

To getting more buyers on your list!


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