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Secret Affiliate Code Review

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Review: Secret Affiliate Code

Secret Affiliate Code launched today (June 19).  It caught my attention and my wallet.  Why did I invest in this?

Let me ask you.. Have you ever wondered how some affiliates get all of the free traffic?  Have you ever wondered how to exploit web 2.0 to the fullest?

Well a guy named Craig Beckta is one of those guys that has mastered both.  I know what you’re thinking.. who is Craig Beckta? You’ve never heard of him right?

It turns out Craig is just an average guy who managed to secretly join the ranks of the super affiliates and earn the respect of the gurus at the same time.  All with free traffic methods and without a mailing list…

Just to prove Craig (and SAC) is for real, he managed to make 6K in one week using only free traffic methods. I don’t know about you…but that’s impressive.  If you’re sick of losing money on PPC traffic, then that fact immediately gets your attention. It got mine!

Fast fact – Craig uses powerful landing pages as a pre-sell strategy.  He combines that with Web 2.0 strategies. 

In the Secret Affiliate Code, Craig exposes the inner workings of a $6,484 landing page.

As you probably already know, having the right landing page can make or break your affiliate campaigns. It could make all the difference in the world. Do it right and rake in the cash.
Screw it up and you make zip, zero, zilch…

Don’t know about landing pages?  No problem.  Craig spells it out for you.

This affiliate marketing system also shows you the very best methods to turn your Blogs and Squidoo lenses into cash sucking machines. 

Yeah, I know.. “cash sucking machines” sounds like hype.  But Craig can say something like that because that’s what it feels like to him after he pulled in thousands tapping into recently popular product launches using nothing but free traffic!

What do you get for you money?

  • The 151 page Affiliate Code guide
  • The ‘cracked the code’ manual
  • 4 audio interviews + transcripts.  Over 2 hours of content from experts like
    – Willie Crawford, Eric Rockefeller, Alex Goad and Charles Kirkland.
  • Unannounced Bonus! Hint: think Google and  _ _ atch (mini ver.)
  • 15 video tutorials where Craig shows you exactly how and what he doesThat’s not all.  Check this outCraig will post new videos based on customer feedback!  How cool is that?! 

There’s no upsell.  And the price is exactly what I expected to see for a product like this.  But there’s a “price twist” which REALLY makes this extremely affordable for anyone to get their hands on this system!

There’s a “Secret Code” hidden on the sales page that knocks $20 bucks off the already affordable price.  So how do you crack the code? 

You’ll find numeric codes in 3 places (if I remember correctly) on the sales page.  You align those up with the alphabet to form 3 words.  The words tell you where to go on the page to find the discount link.

Interesting method to create interaction with your page.   I won’t spoil it for you. But I’ll save you some time if you don’t want to have fun deciphering.  When you exit from the page, you’ll receive a $20 discount offer 😉

Who’s this for?

Anyone who isn’t making money online yet.  If you’re not making money, then that means you’re not following a plan.   SAC is a step-by-step plan that allows you to duplicate Craig’s system.

It’s also for anyone who wants to increase their current income online.  If you’re new to Web 2.0 and free traffic strategies, then this is a great way to fast-track your learning curve!

Bottom line — If you want (or need) a system to follow that is already working, no theory, no bull, for making free affiliate money, you have nothing to lose by investing in Craig’s Secret Affiliate Code. 

You’re covered by a 60 day money-back guarantee.  So really, there’s no excuse not to give this system a full test-drive. 

This may be the best $__ spent in along time.   Click Here for full details now.


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