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SEO CodeBreaker Review: Complex SEO Made Easy?

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I don’t know about you, but understanding SEO stuff is like trying to learn a new language! I would almost rather have my teeth pulled.

So when Charles Kirkland contacted me about his new SEO Codebreaker site, I was very interested. The SEO CodeBreaker program is designed to take someone without any SEO knowledge and turn them into an expert. The owner, Charles Kirkland, says..

“The SEO CodeBreaker program takes extremely complex SEO techniques and breaks them down into an easy step-by-step process that anybody can understand.”

How does he do this? Step-by-step videos.

The videos are the core training tool of the site. I found them easy to follow, and are laid out in an A-Z format beginning with an explanation of SEO and an overview of the optimization process. Charles really takes his time and explains the how to do it and, most importantly, why to do it.

In my opinion, charles really lives up to the promise, “complex SEO techniques made simple & easy..”

What you’re getting with SEO Code Breaker is essentially a Seminar on SEO without all of the hefty costs of buying a ticket and traveling to and from a seminar in another part of the country!

For a tiny fraction of a typical seminar, Charles breaks down the entire SEO process from scratch. From “what is SEO and how it works”, to an extensive case study of how he took a small one page website and added a blog to push it to the first page of Google.

SEO Code Breaker breaks down the SEO process in 5 steps:

  • SEO Basics And Program Overview
  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Factors
  • Off-Oage Factors

Side Note: Some of the Web 2.0 techniques are on the advanced side, but necessary training that you can take advantage of when you’re ready.

While the video training is the focus of the site, Charles also provides a private forum for it’s members. Plus, a “rolodex” page of SEO tools that assist you in your market and keyword research, checking link popularity, getting a list of backlinks linking to a website, checking your search engine positions on Google, previewing your website on the top 3 search engines, a meta-tag extractor and generator, reciprocal link checker and many others!


This is a real steal for beginners to SEO or webmasters who want to boost their free search engine traffic and rankings! And with a money back guarantee, you can’t afford not to check out this training. From someone who is clueless about SEO, I highly recommend it.


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