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Stop Trading Time For Dollars!

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I like Marlon Sanders. I like listening to him. And I enjoyed having dinner with him this past Summer in Austin, Texas!

That’s why I wanted to share an article from Marlon with you. It’s a lesson I learned a few years ago and acted on it and haven’t looked back. Do yourself a favor and take 2 minutes to read this. It will open your eyes to how the most successful are pulling an income online.

“How to Escape The Time For Dollars Trap!”

I want to talk to you about how you make products make you a living so that you don’t have to “work” for a living.

First, let me remind you of something in case you don’t know.

I’ve been at this “Game” longer than just about anybody still active and producing in our market.

Back BEFORE the Big Seminar, BEFORE Yanik’s seminars, BEFORE about anyone’s seminars, Jonathan Mizel, Declan Dunn and yours truly put on the shindig known as the “Boulder Seminar.” For 4 years, we put on the seminar everyone who was anyone attended to get the real inside scoop on Internet marketing.

I’ve spoken around the world at over 120 seminars.

I’ve successfully produced and sold DOZENS of info products. Yet, NONE of those things matters that much. What DOES matter is this: In the last 7 years, I haven’t “worked” much.

I read, hang out at bookstores and coffee shops. And check in with my staff daily, of course.

Now, for 7 years, I did NOT have an office outside of my home. I had a few virtual assistants (mostly that was Lisa). Today, I have a small office with 2-3 employees, depending on the month.

My point is THIS:

My products make me my living, so I don’t have to invest a great deal of personal work and effort. I’ve been doing it LONGER than anybody and, frankly, have created the best step-by-step system for teaching it.

The process is simple:

1. Find a group of people with money to spend and the willingness to spend it on a passion, hobby or compelling personal interest

2. Come up with 12 product ideas

3. Do your 12-product survey

4. Find experts to provide content on that topic

5. Create your info product

6. Set up your download page

7. Set up your order taking

That’s basically my system. Nearly everyone SKIPS the 12-product survey.

Big mistake! In the Info Product Dashboard, I show you actual
survey results, just so you can SEE with your own eyes how much of a difference doing a 12-product survey makes.

See, if you choose the product to sell that gets the FEWEST votes on a 12-product survey, you’re dead in the water before you begin.

Now, the next issue people have problems with is coming up with the 12 product ideas. What most people do WRONG here is they create product ideas LIKE what is already selling.

That’s dumb.

I show you how to use Marketing Warfare strategy to do what’s called a “flanking” move. My whole business is built on FLANKING product ideas.

In the Info Product Dashboard, I show you how to do these moves.

I talked much more in depth about that last year in “The Red Factor.” So if you have that, you’re ahead of the learning curve.

Most people have NO IDEA or clue how to select winning product ideas.

So if you HAVE produced a product in the past that did NOT sell, THIS is likely the reason.

a. You didn’t use Marketing Warfare strategy

b. You didn’t do your 12-product survey

Now, in terms of finding experts, if you already have content, you don’t need experts. But if you don’t have expertise on the topic, you need to find and interview experts and spin this into an attractive info product.

I give you the email template to send out and a resource that together have a 30% success rate for one of my friends. Oh, he pays ZERO for those interviews. And has $10,000 a month coming in from doing them.

The logistics of creating and delivering the info product and setting up the download page STOPS a lot of people. That is why I’ve had professional graphics created for you. The graphics alone would cost you more to get done than the cost of the Info Product Dashboard.

For the advanced people, I show you to use Amember to set up a back end membership site system. And I show you to do an OTO using Amember.

To my knowledge, until this product, no one had EVER published how to do that or figured it out.

If you’re a newbie, I give you an alternative to using Amember.

The point is, I’ve figured out all the logistics of creating, editing, packaging and delivering your product for you, so you don’t have to waste time figuring it out from scratch.

And for the next 60 days, I have a forum set up where you can ask questions if you get stuck.

ALSO, I’ll be holding a 6 week teleconference to reveal advanced secrets.

This is my OTO you’ll receive at HALF PRICE when you snag it in the next 72 hours.

Because I have to start those calls before long, you need to get in NOW if you want the 1/2 priced coaching via my OTO.

Of course, the Info Product Dashboard by itself stands alone as a
super power house to get the job done. The 6-week program is for those of you who want ADVANCED help and training.

My question to you is this: If you haven’t produced your OWN INFO PRODUCT yet, what’s it gonna take for you to DO IT? Seriously.

What will it take?

Nothing else anywhere at any price breaks it down into this step-by-step of a system.

A new year is coming. Why don’t you get on the program and have a product done by mid January to market?

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy.” Click Here If you’d like to get on his mailing list and receive tips, articles and information about online marketing

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