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The Truth about The 20/20 Challenge


You may recall that I wrote to you about The 20/20 Challenge, but perhaps rather than jumping on it, you wisely wanted to wait for some proof of the program’s success.

Well that’s fair enough… so what did happen to some of those folks who took The 20/20 Challenge?

Well, just over 20 days later and Michael Green has started to receive the first crop of successful 20/20 Challenge feedback. Like this from Sarah Coates in Concord, New Hampshire:

“Michael, boy was that fun. I took your 20/20 Challenge seriously and feel like I’ve really put my back into it, but 20 Days later and I’ve achieved my dream of earning enough money online not to have to work the day job anymore. Thank goodness” Thank you – Sarah Coates, Concord, NH, USA.

Or this from John Speck in San Fransisco…

“$20k in 20 days?  I’ve just done it and then some 😉 Thanks Michael. I never really thought it would be possible, but you’ve (or perhaps that is I’ve) proved myself wrong. I’m very grateful.” John Speck, San Fran, USA.

Michael tells me that the messages just keep flowing in and best of all, these people can take what they’ve learned and do the very same thing next month if they choose.

Now how’s that for power earning?

I recommend that you see if there’s a copy of The 20/20 Challenge still available for you

Yours for success,
David Lovelace

P.S. But don’t take MY word (or even THEIR word) for it. Click Here To Grab YOURSELF a copy of The 20/20 Challenge while it’s still available and see how much you can make in just 20 Days time and then send Michael a testimonial like the ones above!

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