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Undercover Commissions Review

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Product: Undercover Commissions
Author: Matt Bacak
Site: www.UndercoverCommissions.com

What is it?

Undercover Commissions teaches you how to get massive traffic ultra fast using a little-known, under-used traffic source.  It’s not a “secret” per se, but most Internet Marketers tend to focus on the most talked about sources of traffic and therefore miss out on this gem. I won’t reveal it here, in fairness to Matt, but I will tell you it’s paid traffic.  With that said, Matt shows you how to get it for pennies (and it’s not PPC).

You’ll see Matt show you “live” as he generates massive traffic (over 52,000 visitors in less than 24 hours) right there on the Undercover Commissions web site… so there’s no theory and no pretending like so many others do with their fake screen shots.

But the beauty of this product is that it doesn’t just stop at traffic.  Matt also shows you how to monetize it, both immediately and long term (aka, how to build a sustainable profit-producing business). This includes how to build a list FAST from this traffic.

What’s included?

4 screen cast videos (viewable online or available to download to your computer – love these options), 3 BONUS “quick start” PDF’s, web templates, and software.

Price comparable to value?

The price is only $47, to my surprise.  One would expect to pay $97-197 for this.  At least, that what most people are pricing similar products.  In fact, Matt sold a watered-down version of this recently for $97 and didn’t include Matt’s high-converting web template nor his NEW software that plays a huge time-saving part in the speed at which you receive and monetize this traffic.

So yes, the value you receive with all of the training material (plus the excellent support, by the way) is well worth the asking price!


Yes.  You’ll have a chance to “get to the money faster” by having aspects of the system done for you, including a ready-made list of  in-demand offers and pre-built lead generation landing pages.  When I say “get to the money faster”, I’m referring to saving you a ton of time compared to doing this yourself, so you can start generating traffic and sales quick.  Time is money, and this upsell offer is worth taking a serious look if your time is valuable and/or you just want to see results faster.

There is another offer made, but I won’t reveal it here… again out of fairness to Matt.  But I will say it’s another complimentary offer that gives you instant ability to make 100% of the money you make from your traffic, instead of 50% average profits you’ll make otherwise.  It’s not for everyone, but again worth checking out.

What I like about these offers is that you don’t need them to succeed with the core training.    I hate it when you purchase something, then realize after the sale that you NEED something else to actually make it work.  Not the case here.   Instead… Matt makes the offers 100% complimentary & added value for those who want to save time and see results quicker and easier.

In addition, Matt has put a lot of thought into the user’s experience providing access to the core product along the entire process! 2 thumbs up for that.  Plus, there are links to contact them on all of the pages (even a telephone number to call if needed) if you have any questions or need support.


There is a 60 day guarantee.  I think that’s fair.   That’s plenty of time to put Matt’s training into action.  If I can’t duplicate a fraction of Matt’s success in that amount of time, then it’s on me.  Matt’s contact info is in plain site, so it’s easy to contact him at any time should you need to request a refund. So no worries.


Definitely.  A well constructed product at a reasonable price (that want break the bank for most).


The bottom line is…

If you’re going to make money online, you need (1) an Offer, (2) Traffic ,and (3) Conversions.  Matt’s Undercover Commissions provides training and the tools to capitalize on ALL 3 and at a very affordable price in my opinion.

Click here to learn more about Undercover Commissions

Hope this helps!