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Using Article Spinners To Boost Traffic And Sales

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If you are an internet marketer and still trying to get used to the trends of online businesses, most likely you’ve faced all kinds of new ideas and suggestions in forums, blogs, and other online sources related to internet marketing.  And in these sources, you will notice that most professional internet marketers would discuss about different strategies and internet marketing tools that they would use to increase web traffic, conversions, and eventually actual sales of their own products online. 

For this article, we will be talking about one of the most interesting tools being used, especially for the content of sales pages, blogs, and websites, which are the article spinners.  If you’ve never heard of an article spinner before, then continue reading because this might be your ticket to increasing sales and bursting traffic.

An article spinner is basically an article writing software that rewrites and modifies the wording and structure of sentences in order to produce different and unique copies of an original article.  Not only that, it is able to retain the message of the original article in all of the copies it can produce, which makes it a productive tool when trying to post several articles in different blogs and websites.  Internet marketers who do not have the time and the energy to reproduce, rewrite, and post numerous articles in their blogs and websites would simply use article spinners to do the job.  It’s not only convenient but affordable as well as compared to hiring ghost writers to do the job. 

So why do internet marketers need to create so much content?  Writing good articles and blog posts is usually the key to earning a lot of money through internet marketing.  By being able to come up with wonderful content, you are discreetly yet at the same time effectively advertising your products to customers who can only read about the products being sold online.  But as mentioned before, writing and rewriting can take a lot of time and effort on the marketer’s part, so they use article spinner software instead. 

Another reason why they use article spinners is because submitting one original article to numerous directories can be detected by search engines like Google, surfacing the possibility of only one of your articles being linked to the entered keyword and leaving out all the rest in the next three to four pages.  This lowers down your chances of gaining more traffic, and of course, more sales as well.

But take note that not all article spinner software being sold online produce well-rounded rewritten articles.  There are those that do not function well or are actually fake software being sold by scammers in order to earn money out of you.  Just remember that with the right tools and the right way of using this kind of software, you’ll be able to produce high quality rewrites of your own articles and have them submitted and posted in all of your websites and blogs without each one falling behind in the search result pages.  

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  • 1 Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach // Sep 17, 2009 at 8:01 am

    Reading some of the articles produced by some spinners is a laugh in itself.

    Or should I say:

    Reading a quantity of of the articles shaped in several spinners is a laugh featuring in itself.

    Or maybe:

    Reading a few of the articles twisted in particular spinners is a laugh dressed in itself.

    Wait! How ’bout:

    Reading round about of the articles formed by particular spinners is a laugh fashionable itself.


    I was playing with http://freearticlespinner.centerofspotlight.com/ for those masterpieces. :)

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