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Virtual Smart Agent Review


Date: April 8, 2008
Product: Virtual Smart Agent
Site: VirtualSmartAgent.com

What is it?

Virtual Smart Agent is an automated script in the form of Chat window where a “virtual employee” interacts with website prospects to ultimately make the sale for you.

The “sales agent” appears when the prospect leaves the website without ordering, or taking an action that you want the propsect to make. Typically, the action is to place an order. The virtual agent attempts to save the sale or action via multiple customizable methods.

Most typical will be to present a one time discount within the the chat window if the prospect takes action ASAP. They can click a unique link in the chat window to accept the offer.

The virtual assistant can be programmed to answer frequently asked questions automatically. It can capture the prospects name and email and automatically followup with them. It can be programmed to tell the prospect that someone will contact them if a question cannot be answered during the virtual chat session. The prospect’s info can be sent to a customer service rep that you’ve hired or outsourced who can give them a personal call or email them, your choice.

Here’s an illustration that reflects just one of many scenarios where VSA works for you:

The script resides on your web server and is 100% customizable.

I’ll be up front with you right now, I sent in a testimony for this product because I truly believe it is one of the most innovative products ever developed for online marketers and web owners!

Frankly, I’ve experienced the competition’s version of the virtual chat system. It’s good. But no one can hold a candle to Dave Guindon’s Virtual Smart Agent. You have SO many options and flexibility that others simply do not offer.

First, when you use any other virtual chat system, it costs you either a percentage of the sale that is saved via the virtual assistant script, or you pay a flat fee. Either way, it’s money out of your pocket.

Plus, I understand that the other systems do not credit affiliates for sales! Two HUGE negatives for using their services.

VSA is a one off fee. You own it. It does credit affiliates! Plus, you can put any html you want into the same chat page. This can include an opt-in form. Add the opt-in form above or below the chat window. Maybe add some bullet points to further remind the prospect of the benefits of ordering your product or service. You can even add an optional audio greeting!

This list goes on so I’ll let you get the FULL details on Dave’s site.

IMPORTANT: Dave is a programmer. He didn’t outsource this. It’s his creation. So you’re guaranteed to get support if there’s a problem. You won’t have to wait for Dave to get back to his programmer overseas, for example, because Dave IS the programmer! An extra benefit and peace of mind when choosing to invest in VSA!

Ok. Who’s it for?

Anyone who sells a product or service online via a website.

What about installation?

Here’s a quick-start guide:

1. Create a database and add a user
2. Unzip file
3. Upload the entire vsa folder
4. CHMOD one folder to 777
5. Go to your uploaded install page
6. Enter in database details, enter in admin information.
7. Login and play …

This is a typical installation procedure. Nothing complex.


It’s not cheap. But your new “employee” works for you 24/7 and WILL make you money that you otherwise would not produce without this system. And it never takes money out of your pocket like the competition!

Launch price starts at $97 with some GREAT bonuses. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the price is going up on April 11th. It launched today (April 8).

I’ve downloaded my copy and will be installing on an upcoming product. I’m excited about the extra money I’ll be making with the virtual sales agent working for me.


Dave has removed ALL risk with a LIFETIME guarantee!

Get the full details on Dave’s site quickly so you can secure the lowest price and all the limited bonuses.. Click Here To Secure Your Copy Of Dave Guindon’s Virtual Smart Agent!

*You’ll see a video demonstration on the site so there’s no guesswork as to what this can do for you

UPDATE (April 13) 

Price has now increased.  But the next 10 visitors to this blog review can get it at the launch price if you act fast!  2 spots have been taken already.  Click here to get your exclusive Discount!

Review Virtual Smart Agent

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