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Website Magazine Review

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Product Name: Website Magazine
Rating: 8
Where To Buy: http://websitemagazine.com

Description:  This magazine provides website owners with information about what’s happening in the online world.  It is exclusive to the business of running your website effectively.  It is full of articles that will help any website owner run their business more efficiently.

Review: I heard about this magazine from Jeff Dedrick.  Thought I might check it out to see what it was all about.  

Being a website owner can be very challenging sometimes.  You look for ways to make your website work for you but trying to find that help can be frustrating and time consuming.  After looking at this magazine and reading some of the articles I’ve now found a place I can go right to and almost always find the answers I’m looking for.

This magazine is pretty much just for the website owner.  There are articles on everything you could want to know about creating, using and making your website work.  Articles include things like steps for starting your business, usability mistakes, blogging, emails, mass communications, SEO tips and much, much more. 

The articles are for the beginner to the well advanced website owner.  What I like best is that the articles are easy to read and understand.  Some of us just can’t get into the Internet lingo all that well.  Plain simple English or layman’s terms are about all I can handle.  The articles in this magazine are just that plain simple English. I have no problem following them and knowing what they are saying from beginning to end. 

You can receive this magazine through the mail or in digital/online form.  Both if you prefer it that way.  I prefer it through the mail so I can sit back away from my computer and read each article.  Kind of my get away when I want to pretend I’m relaxing, but can’t help but be thinking business.  I can also use it as a reference guide when I am working. 

Best of all is that the subscription is free.  Just go to the site and fill in a small form with all your info and they will get it right to you.  Pretty plain and simple just like the magazine.  Plus you can look at back issues while on their site.  

If you’re looking for good practical information on online trends, business practices, developing, designing, maintaining or promoting your website; try this magazine. 

Dave Lovelace