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WP Twin vs Backup Buddy vs Manage WP (Comparison)

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In my search for WordPress backup and cloning resources, I’ve compiled my notes in the form of a comparison between 3 top tools:

1. WP Twin

Pro: Appears super easy to use and has a 30 day refund.  To my disappointment, there is no demo video on the sales page, so I had to do a search on YouTube to find a video that shows how WP Twin works.  However, a big “plus” listed on the sales page is that they  claim to be very responsive with customer support, with average reponse time being a “hours” instead of days and that support is available around the clock and on weekends.


So I put that to the test by creating a support ticket with a few pre-sales questions.  It took about 8 hours for a response.  That’s above average :-)

Cons:  with WP Twin, you need to be able to install WordPress on your own prior to using it.  But this isn’t an issue/con if you’re comfortable doing this.  I can install WP quickly using Fantastico and it takes under a minute.  Additional “con” is the limited support. The less you pay, the less support time you receive (see below):


$97 for 10-site license. (3 months support)
$147 for 25 (6 months support)
$297 for unlimited (12 months support)

*What defines a site within the license?

Per customer service, “One license is used when you clone a wordpress site on a domain”

Side note – If you find that you need a license with more sites, then you can’t just pay the difference from the lower package… you’ll have to pay full price.  This is where Backup Buddy differs…

Click here to learn more

2. Backup Buddy

Pro: no need to pre-install WordPress. It installs everything for you.  If you discover that you need to upgrade your license to unlimited sites or a developers license, you can upgrade and pay the difference instead of having to upgrade at full price. Nice.

Cons: after watching a video on their site, it appears that if migrating to another server, you need to manually create a mySQL database beforehand.  I know how to do this, but I don’t like having to take this step.

Biggest con/negative is: No refund policy!  Their reasoning is it’s a digital (non tangible) product.  I asked customer service about this in a chat session and I’m told  that… if after checking the hosting/server requirements and after seeking help in the support forum, my issue(s) cannot be resolved, then they would refund the purchase within 5 days of purchase…

Not encouraging. It doesn’t say much for their confidence in their product… plus, I’m not a huge fan of “forum support”.


$75 for 2 site license.
$100 for 10-site license
$150 for unlimited (WP Twin charges this for only 25 sites)
$197 developer license.

TIP: If you signup to their newsletter, you’ll get a code to save 25% on any purchase.

Click here to learn more

3. Manage WP

This one is a monthly fee and looks awesome for managing all of your blogs with ONE login and updating, posting, etc all blogs from one location – including cloning and migrating.


It’s about $21 per month (if you choose the month-to-month option), otherwise it’s less if you pay for a year up front.  However, in the long run it costs more, but you have the huge time-saving benefit of managing all your blogs in one place and one login.

The cloning/migration tool looks ultra simple and only a couple of steps.  But again, to enjoy the quick method, the pre-requisite (like WP Twin) is to install WordPress prior to using it.

Click here to learn more

*Side note: You can get a free account to manage 5 sites, but you’ll have to upgrade to PRO (paid version) to be able to use some features like the clone and migrate feature.

[ To see which tool I do NOT recommend, click here]


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